Holidays in Croatia with own motor boat

by Krystian

Hi, I am going to Croatia for holidays in August and I would like to take my jet boat with me. I am wondering where could I find information about prices regarding having and using my boat in Croatia. Is it ok if I simply launch it near the place I am going to stay and take it back on the trailer when I'm back?

Croatia Travel Guide's answer: Hi Krystian, although I am not an expert with boats in Croatia, but I know a couple of friends from Germany who always take their boats to Croatia.

You definitely need to have your legal documents (like your drivers license for boats). Of course, if you intend to stay within a marina - you will be charged for the number of days you spend there. Depending on the location and the marina this can easily be 100 EUR+ per day.

In my experience there are always buoyages for smaller boats that are inexpensive (in many cases they are even free).

A tip to all: Do not consume alcohol if you drive the boat! Not only is it morally wrong because you can hurt other people (yes, there are still too many accidents in Croatia year after year), but the penalties are really heavy!

Krystian, I would personally say yes to your question. Just take your boat to the place where you will stay. To be on the safe side you could ask some lokals.

Hope that helps!
All the best & wish you a great vacation in Croatia!


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