Honeymoon in Croatia for five days

by Divya

Hi, me and my husband are planning to spend our honeymoon in Croatia for 4-5 days. Can you please suggest us the places we can visit and have a nice pleasant stay in this duration. we are planning to come to croatia on june 10,2011 till june 15,2011. Can you suggest us places to stay in reasonable price. And finally some tips in getting around in Croatia.

Thank you.


Hi Divya,

first of all, congratulations on your marriage!

If you are going to spend a maximum of 5 days in Croatia - you are very limited in terms of things to do and see. So, you should really focus on one or two great spots.

June is an excellent month to visit Croatia (also see my article: best time to visit Croatia).

If you ask me about my personal tips for a five-day vacation in Croatia I would recommend those:

1. Hvar island
Hvar island is really phenomenal. You have amazing beaches, charming towns, great restaurants, historical buildings etc.

2. Dubrovnik (coastal town in southern Croatia)
The old town of Dubrovnik belongs to the Unesco world heritage sites in Croatia and is full of history.

It's especially great for honeymoons and weddings (at least in my opinion). It's no problem to spend five days in Dubrovnik because you can do A LOT there. And yes, you also have great beaches around. You could even do a one-day-trip to a neighboring island or so. For details I would like to suggest my "Insider's guide to Dubrovnik" ebook.


As for the hotels: It's difficult to give specific tips because I don't really know what you can afford, what type of accomodation you prefer (private apartment or hotel).

Here are some great Dubrovnik accommodations.

And here are accommodations on Hvar island.


So, those two are my personal recommendations. For more information I would need some details from you (what can you spend per night etc.).

Hope that helps!

All the best,

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