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Here are some carefully selected hotels in Krk.

The island of Krk is attracting more and more travelers with its pristine waters and scenic views.

Aside from its picturesque beauty and lovely locals, one of the strengths of Krk island as a tourist destination lies in its accommodations.

There are many hotels - from the luxurious ones to cheaper types - that will suit a traveler on a with budget limitations.

This article will enumerate four of the famous hotels in KRK that tourists and travelers alike can check out. These hotels have great amenities and services, and the prices are very competitive to all of the travelers that want to visit KRK.

Hotel Drazica

Hotel Drazica is the main and largest of the three accommodation units comprising the hotel complex of Drazica.

There are plenty of amenities that you can definitely take advantage of in this hotel.

Hotel Drazica Krk island (Kvarner bay)

It is business as usual, with the use of Internet and WiFi connection right at your own room. You can also watch your favorite television program or be comfortable with their superb air-conditioned rooms.

There is also a fitness center and a massage parlor, as well as a laundry area. You can also iron your clothes, or let one of the staff do it for you. You also don't need to go too far to look for souvenirs. Right inside the hotel is the crafts shop where you can purchase Croatian-made items you can bring back home.

The hotel has a very big accommodation.

So far, there are more than 130 accommodation rooms that you can choose from. They range from double rooms, to apartments, suites, and, the most expensive of all, the presidential suite. These rooms are all found in 6 of the floors that make up the hotel.

Hotel Bor

Hotel Bor

The greatest thing about this hotel? It's great location. You just have around 25 meters to the Adriatic and the shimmering coastlines :-)

The city is about 600 meters away.

Hotel Bor is located at a beach that is represented by a combination of rocks, gravel, and sand, and surrounded with pines of hundred years old, which gave way to cooler environment.

Valamar Koralj Hotel

Hotel Valamar Koralj

Valamar Koralj Hotel is situated above a beautiful bay with fantastic turquoise color. There are 192 rooms to choose from, nineteen of which are newly renovated romantic suites with Whirlpool and a spacious sunbathing terrace.

The Hotel Valamar Koralj provides a program of day and evening entertainment for adults including live traditional folk music in the cafe bar. The hotel is also a top choice for families since the hotel has a kid's club for those traveling with children.

As a traveler, though, you should take your time in learning more about the hotels listed and discussed above. Find the best hotel that will suit your preferences and your budget to have a more relaxing holiday in KRK.

It may help speed up the process of searching if you have already listed down the facilities that you hope you can find in your chosen accommodations.

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"Keep in mind that the overall success of the trip is also based on where you are staying."

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