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Here you will find some carefully selected Hotels in Split which make your stay here even more enjoyable :-)

There are numerous attractions and activities that visitors can see and indulge in when they arrive in Split.

There are also numerous types of accommodations providing options for these tourists who come flocking especially during the summer season.

This is the reason why it is always prudent to obtain reservations before coming to this famed city in Croatia!

Promenade of Split

Here you can see the beautiful promenade (Riva) of Split with the popular palm trees.
I took this picture from the other side of the bay where the marina is located.

Recommended Hotels In Split

The MiniHotel Paradiso is actually composed of only one unit. For less than 50 Euros per night, it is ideal for visiting families or groups of four friends.

The unit is composed of three levels with living room and kitchen, providing ample space for its occupants.

Hotel Globo

Hotel Globo

The Hotel Globo is a mid-range establishment composed of 25 rooms. It is located in peaceful surroundings, within a residential district of the city.

The hotel offers amenities like air conditioning, television, internet access, and a mini bar.

A short walk will lead visitors to the famed Diocletian Palace and other older parts of the city. There is also a restaurant serving traditional and international cuisine to its patrons.

Check out the Globo hotel >>>

Hotel Peristil - Highly Recommended!

Hotel Peristil

Another popular accommodation in Split is the Hotel Peristil, which has a total of 12 rooms available.

Whereas other hotels in the city boast of being located near the Diocletian Palace, the Peristil is situated right within the palace complex itself!

It is accessed through the palace's Silver Gate and is just next to the Cathedral of St. Domnius.

From its facade to its interiors, the hotel was constructed and decorated in accordance to the rich heritage and historical importance of the site it is built on.

Rates start from 120 Euros and include breakfasts, which visitors can enjoy right on the terrace where they can enjoy the sights and ambience of the ancient complex.

The hotel offers amenities like air conditioning, television, internet access, and use of hair dryer. Those lucky enough to arrive in time for the Split Summer Festival can behold the different outdoor performances and events right on their hotel windows and terrace.


All in all - the Peristil in my eyes is a fantastic choice! Take a step outside the hotel and you are right in the heart of Split - in it's fabulous palace. It's absolutely wonderful! If you stay here, or just take a day trip to Split or any other place here in Croatia - please don't hesitate to send me your travel experience. I will be more than happy to hear from you :-)

Check out the Peristil hotel >>>

Hotel Adriana

Hotel Adriana

Another accommodation that offers personalized service is the Hotel Adriana, which only has five units and 2 apartments available.

It is located close enough for guests to walk to several sights and attractions. An added bonus is the availability of rooms with views of the sparkling blue sea.

Check out the Adriana hotel >>>

Hotel Bellevue

Hotel Bellevue

Located just right outside the Old Town is the Hotel Bellevue, an equally historic structure composed of 50 units. It was established more than a century ago and still bears some decors harkening to a time long passed.

It is situated on Prokurative Square and is near the harbour.

Check out the Bellevue hotel >>>

Upscale Accommodation - The Atrium Hotel

Atrium Hotel

Those who wish to stay in a more upscale accommodation can register at the Atrium Hotel, constructed on the remains of the Diocletian aqueduct.

The hotel has 99 units, with several amenities to ensure comfortable stay for each guest.

Check out the Atrium hotel >>>

Hotel Le Meredien Lav

Hotel Le Meridien Lav

Another establishment that offers excellent amenities is the Le Meredien Lav, which features a casino, sports bar, spa, saunas, fitness center, among others.

Each room also features cable television, internet access, climate controls, mini bars, and coffeemakers. Since it is located right along the beach, visitors can enjoy the ocean and the sun whenever they want.

Check out the Le Meredien Lav >>>

...that's it - my list of hotels in Split.

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"I hope you find this information helpful and of course I wish you some enjoyable days if you visit Split :-)"

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