How are black people treated in Croatia

by Thomas

Hi I was looking over your website because I'm interested in visiting Croatia. I just want to know one thing: How are black people viewed or treated in Croatia?

Negatively, neutrally?

Your honest general opinion.

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Hi Thomas,

hmmm, I would say that it's like in any other European country.

The main tourist spots like the coastal cities are visited by people from around the world. And during high season it's very "international", you know. In smaller towns or so it can happen that people may look at black people but in general I would say that you are treated as a guest to their country.

Please note that I don't know this for sure - just my feelings about your question.

And one note: Croatia is relatively safe compared to other countries in Europe.

Greetings to south Afrika! Just recently I read about Madiba and what he has done for his country and the world. Never been there but I want to visit it. It's so beautiful and the nature is awesome.

All the best,


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