How to get from Frankfurt Germany to Split Croatia

by Kathy Ledvina
(Surprise, AZ, USA)

Hello Tobias,
This is my second letter to you. Can you give me suggestions on how to get from Frankfurt to Split? We will be arriving in Frankfurt 6 AM on 8-31-2011. We want to get to Split as soon as we can as we are taking an island hopping adventure from 9-3 to 9-11. We will be on the boat, dock and then bike at various spots. I have looked online for airfare and see we would have to sit in Frankfurt a long time and not get into Split until late.

Any ideas, ie train or bus or whatever from Frankfurt!

Also, we will go to Dubrovnik for a few days. Do you hire out by the day to escort?


Kathy Ledvina


Hi Kathy, glad to hear from you again :-)

You will have an exciting trip:

- Split with the famous promenade (and the palm trees) is so charming

- Island hopping is ideally in Croatia (for everyone: Croatia has more than 1000 isles and islands!)

- Last but not least: Dubrovnik, also called "the pearl of the Adriatic". I personally LOVE Dubrovnik and think that it's one of the most beautiful spots in Croatia. Dubrovnik has this special "flair" and there's a lot of history wherever you look at...

But I digress :-)

Kathy, besides airfare there are also other choices to get from Frankfurt, Germany to Split (like bus and train).

BUT I would personally choose the airfare!

Some disadvantages: Since you will arrive in Frankfurt you have something around 1200 km to Split. A couple of years ago I personally took the bus from Munich (it's located in the south of Germany) to Zadar (that's even closer than Split). It's cheap - something around 50 EUR but the cruise was not very comfortable and took around 12 hours. After such a long time in the bus you are totally exhausted and that's not how your holidays should start (if you are coming in from the United States you will already hate sitting anymore...).

From Frankfurt - the bus is a no-go (in my opinion).

The train: Yes, there is a train-connection to most Croatian cities (with the exception of Dubrovnik). But it's also a long journey and chances are good that you need to change trains a couple of times.


All in all I would recommend the airfare from Frankfurt EVEN IF YOU WOULD NEED TO WAIT in FRNKFURT half a day or so.

Just one note: I don't know which online-booking-service you are using but I just did a search via a German flight-search-engine ( and there are some flights on 31-8-2011 around morning:

- Croatia Airlines
- Departure FRA (Frankfurt) 31/08/11 10:05 1 Stopp
- Arrival SPU (Split) 14:45
- One way, two passengers for 383,68 EUR

Just as an example.

I feel honored that you want me to escort you in Dubrovnik. Unfortunately, I won't be in Croatia during that time.

Hope that helps!

All the best,

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Thank you Tobias

by Kathy Ledvina
(Surprise AZ USA)

Thanks again Tobias. We will take your information and find a good way to get from Frankfurt to Split. We had decided to fly as it did look too complex/too much time/too exhausted to take a train or bus! Thanks for the links.

I'm sorry you will be gone, but we will be doing more Croatia research very soon (we travel too much and Croatia is a few months off yet)!

Thanks again. I love your site and it is helpful.
Kathy Ledvina


Hi Kathy,
I am happy that my experiences help you (and other travelers who are interested in visiting Croatia).

A special thank you for your kind words - you made my day :-)

And feedback like yours' is actually the highest reward that I can get! So, thank you, Kathy!
Let me know if you need anything else.

All the best,

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