How to handle currency in Primosten

by Martyn

Hi Tobias, I am going to Primosten in September. My question is should I take a small amount of hard currency with me (taxi from airport etc) and then change up sterling as and when nessesary, presumably there are plenty of places to exhange currency?

Or should I take all monies in local currency.
Thank you
Martyn Garwood

Croatia Travel Guide's answer: Hi Martyn, you have chosen a great destination - Primosten is such a lovely place and as you may know it's one of my favorite locations at the Croatian coast. If you ask me to describe Primosten in a single word it would be "picturesque". That's why this charming town forms the header image of my website :-)

But I digress.

I would personally recommend to take some hard currency with you, yes. Nevertheless, Primosten has some possibilities to exchange your currency. Depending on your bank - another great way to get some Kunas (Croatian currency) AND to save some exchange fees is to withdraw cash from an ATM machine via your EC-card. But you should check that with your bank.

Summing it up: I would exchange a bit at the airport to pay the taxi, a first dinner or so. Also, take some hard currency with you (just in case) and I would withdraw the rest with your EC-card - and pay the hotel via credit card or so.

--------A note to all--------
You can see some photos of Primosten here >>>

Hope that helps!

All the best,

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