How to see all great places in Croatia

by Danny


I was wondering how can someone go to Croatia and see all these places, there are a lot of places that one can visit but I don't know how much time I need to visit, at least most of them ??

How many times have you visited croatia or do you just live there ?

Have you wrote any kind of journey or something that tells us where in Croatia you started traveling and how many days you spend in each island or city ?

Thanks, Regards

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Hi Danny,

I don't live in Croatia - I am from Germany.
The family of my girlfriend is Croatian. They have a beautiful holiday home on Vir island (in the Dalmatija region). So, since 2001 we've been spending our holidays in Croatia. I would estimate that I was in Croatia for around 30 times or so.

The thing is this: we have a very good starting point in Vir island. The Istria region is easily reachable as well as the southern part of Croatia. And of course, with the ferry connections to other islands - we also have no problem to see new places :-)


I wouldn't recommend to try to see most places...
As you mentioned - there are just too many great spots.
Instead I would personally pick one region (for example Dalmatija region) and visit the top spots there.

Maybe a mixture of two or three coastal cities (for instance Split, Makarska, Dubrovnik), one island (Hvar island is one of my top spots) and maybe one national park (Plitvice Lakes National Park is an UNESCO world heritage site and really worth a visit).

How many days to spend in each spot?

Puhhh, that is very difficult. I personally don't like to have a fixed time table, but there are so many variables involved (lenght of your holidays, budget, personal preferences etc.).


Unfortunately I do not have a journey or something like that.
For the last couple of years my "journey" was an extensive collection of digital photos (and there are so many photos I still have to integrate into my website...).

Greetings to Canada!
Kind regards,

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