How to share my idea that I have for the Croatia Travel Guide site

by Jessie Cartwright


I found your site while I was looking for travel guides that are giving information about countries that are located around the European region. When I started browsing your site your articles that are in the "Croatia Travel Highlights" really caught my attention because they are written in such a way that they somehow gave the readers some reason to create a picture of Croatia because you gave us (the readers) some factual information and as well as your own opinion about Croatia.

For me the my favorite article among the bunch is the one entitled "What is the best vacation city in Croatia?" because aside from your own perspective about this places and you also included some amazing photos of the places that you have mentioned in the article.

By the way, I have this small idea for your site that I would really love to discuss with you, but I am not so sure whether you would be able to received this message, so if I am lucky that you will be able to receive this message, I would really appreciate to receive an e-mail coming from you so that I would be able to share the idea that I have for your site.

Thank you. Looking forward to hear from you.


Croatia Travel Guide's answer: Hi Jessi, thanks for your kind words! I will be on a two-week trip down the coast - starting tomorrow.

Please use the contact form and send me your idea (this form is public - so please use the contact form).

Thanks very much!

All the best,

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