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A day or two at a Hvar beach is definitely a great way to spend one's summer vacation with friend and family members.

No one can deny dreaming once of spending a vacation in an island paradise along the Adriatic coast where there is a fresh, cool, and gentle breeze...

...where one can enjoy and savour the scents of warm sea water and the smell of barbecues and kebabs grilling, and where one can feel mild sunray's on one's naked flesh, and hear the cooing of sea gulls and the sound of waves caressing the shore.

If you're looking for the perfect summer getaway, specifically a beach or a resort, there is no better place than the islands of Croatia.

Once in the peninsula, you should not pass up the Hvar beaches which are the best in the island and are even renowned overseas.

The numerous beaches in the city of Hvar

There is a variety of beaches you can find in Hvar from rock, pebble to sand beaches. The sandy ones are usually the ones located in the northern part of Hvar close to Jelsa while the pebble and rocky beaches are situated near the bays and on the southern portions of Hvar.

Photo Hvar beach

Amfora beach, the largest beach in the town is approximately a 5-minute walk away and lies in font of Hotel Amfora. Another popular beach in town is the Camp Vira Beach approximately a 4-km drive from the city. Sv. Klement also houses a couple of nice pebble beaches such as Palmizana and Soline.

One of the oldest yet still prosperous beaches in Hvar is Milna Beach which is situated in Milna Village just east of Hvar. Its pebble beaches with nearby gardens, vineyards, orchards, and a lagoon are hot tourist spots!

Another pebble beach that has experienced traffic from tourists and vacationers is the pebble beach in Zarace village. The Zarace beach is a unique one as it is located on a cliff. People get to enjoy the fine view of the sea from on top and enjoy the breeze from atop a cliff.

Things to do in Hvar

The city of Hvar is filled with delightful sites that one can visit. Apart from the beautiful and dreamy beaches, there are countless ruins of historical monuments including some medieval cathedrals and parishes dating as far back as the 11th century.

Photo Hvar town

In addition, lots of wine aficionados would often go to Hvar to taste the freshest and most delicious wines that the city offers. Dinner is always a pleasure either in Havar's beach bars or restaurants in the hills.

Restaurants serve very appetizing meals from seafood specialties (a tradition in islands along the Adriatic coast), healthy herb dishes, and of course, smoked, grilled, or roasted lamb. Regular visitors of the town have testified that Hvar has the best calamari and seafood dishes that can satisfy even the most finicky palate.

Have a look at this video of Hvar (2:47 min.)

Board and lodging in the finest hotels

Hotels are aplenty and are near the Hvar beaches, Among the best ones to go to are:

  • Villa Sandra
  • Azalea Hotel Mina
  • Riva - Hvar Yacht Harbor Hotel
  • Hotel Park
  • Amfora Havar Grand Beach Resort.

"I wish you some great days on the beaches and on the island :-)"

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