I found paradise island of Hvar


I live in Belgium and we really know how to respect sunny days. But, I could not even imagine how beautiful Island of Hvar is.

It is absolutely amazing destination. We planned to stay 3 days and we stayed for 2 weeks. It was sunny for whole 14 days, the sea was clear blue and the parties in the evening were incredible.

Hvar is much more interesting than Nice or Greece. We stayed in very nice and inexpensive private accommodation called Laura Dina Hvar Apartments. I also definitely recommend to visit little villages around City and amazing vineyards.

Comments from Croatia Travel Guide: Hi, I just returned from a two-week trip down the Croatian coast - sorry for my late answer.

I absolutely know what you mean if you talk about the amazing island of Hvar. The natural beauty of the island is just phenomenal and Hvar city has this special mediterranean flair that most people instantly fall in love with.

The harbor alone is so charming - the crystal clear blue water and in the background all these typical stone-houses. Fantastic!

Harbor of Hvar city in the evening

The promenade of Hvar city is also a wonderful spot to walk, chill and eat.

Here's a photo of myself on the promenade - I especially like all the palm trees.

Croatia Travel Guide on the promenade of Hvar city

All in all, most people I know fall in love with Hvar... it's a wonderful place on this beautiful planet. A true paradise!

Thanks for sharing!

All the best,

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