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Ilovik island is a fantastic destination for sailors which find plenty of beautiful bays around. Also, come to this island to spend some beach days with family, friends or loved ones :-)

It's a very small island that is located near the Adriatic Sea. So tiny is it that there is only one village, which is also called Ilovik. The size of the island is only 15.4 kilometers.

However, unlike other Croatian islands, this one is very accessible. There are plenty of bays around the area, where shipping and fishing boats, including yachts and moors, can dock.

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The entire island is covered with authentic Mediterranean vegetation. There are varieties of floral plants around, including ferns, bougainvilleas, oleanders, eucalyptus, lavenders, and a lot more.

There are also olive and fig trees, as well as vast vineyards where some of the best wines sold and served in Croatia are produced. The northeastern portion is heavily populated with pine trees.

Olive tree on Ilovik island

Olive tree on Ilovik island

The weather brought by the Adriatic Sea only adds to the continuous bloom of flowers and the growth of trees. Moreover, it's also because of the extensive flora found in Ilovik that it's also called as the island of flowers.

Like the rest of the islands in Croatia, there are a number of beaches found in Ilovik. The most popular is Parzine, which is located at the southeastern portion of the island.

Besides the beautiful coastline, you can also feel the small pebbles before you go on a dip to the crystal-blue and cool waters of Ilovik.

Boats ankering at Ilovik island

Ankering boats at one of the many bays in Ilovik island

There are also some beaches that are very accessible to tourists, such as Sotto Pini, Sidro, and Harbac. They usually have some good shades where families, friends, and lovers can enjoy mealtimes such as lunch or breakfast.

There are also plenty of water activities that they can do around here, such as water skiing, snorkeling, diving, and fishing. If you have a yacht, you can drop by any of these Ilovik beaches and move on to those found in the neighboring islands.

The people of Ilovik loved to play various Croatian sports, such as soccer. A decent-sized soccer field can be found in Sotto Pini. If you want to watch at least one of the games, you can inquire about their play schedule from the locals. There is also a bocce court.

You may also want to visit the Ilovik harbor. It's just small, but you can definitely watch the growing number of yachts and boats that are docked here. Called Porat Ilovik, it's administered by the government.

The entire port is complete with facilities. There are around 80 buoys that can be used by boat moors, as well as 30 public anchors that can be used by anyone.

Today there are only a few people who are living in Ilovik. A large number of them had already left since the 1960s when they were given passports by the government of Yugoslavia. Majority of them proceeded to Italy, which is just very near Croatia, where they were treated as political refugees.

Some are already in the United States, such as in New York, Washington, and New Jersey. The population will only increase during summertime, where the weather is humid, perfect for a day's swim.

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