Influence of Italian cuisine and visa versa

by Ms Helga of Sveden

Lots of the cuisine in Croatia looks and smells and taste like the cuisine of Italy. Salted hams and dried salt cod, pastries and cookies looking the same and also Pizza, where in the world does anyone not love pizza! And of couse those little tiny meat-a ball-as!
Miss Helga from Sveden

Comments from Croatia Travel Guide: Hi Helga, I absolutely agree. You can find the influence of Italian cuisine clearly everywhere in Croatia. Personally speaking, the pizza in Croatia is generally VERY good! I would even say that we can compete with the world-class pizza from Italy :-)

Indeed, a new "fast food trend" in Croatia is to offer so called "pizza cuts". You can find them nearly in every city throughout Croatia.

Influence of French cuisine

Another experience I've made recently is the influence of French cuisine ... especially in the desert-area. In the top-notch restaurant "More" - located in Lapad, Dubrovnik - I had the best desert ever! It was a chocolate souffle:

chocolate souffle

Kudos to the cook of the "More" restaurant!

Thanks for sharing & bon appetit

All the best,

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