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Part two of Island Hopping suggestions
by: Tobias

3) What islands do I suggest?
That's difficult... To many variables and personal preferences...
If I had just one week I would visit at least those two:

-Pag island - especially Novaljia and Zrce - this is the absolute best place in Croatia if you want to party!
Pag is also named the "moon island" because it looks like the moon surface. Lot's of rocks, craters etc.

- Kornati islands (also a National Park)

4) Accommodations

Hmmm, in general you are right. You should get an accommodation when you arrive in the port. In Croatia there are many private accommodations! But, please also note that during peak season in July and August, it can get catchier to find something. In general I would advise to book in time. But, because you are hopping it's not so easy to book a room for one night here, one night there and then you are also bonded.

As for the prices: In July and August the prices are obviously higher. But, private accommodations and budget hotels/rooms are affordable. You should get something for around 30 - 70 Dollar per night.

As a last personal note: One week is not so long, but if it's possible for you I would additionally visit another city (Split is phenomenal ) and/or another National Park (Plitvice
or Also see ourSplit to Brac trip

Please see all my recommendations as very subjective. It's up to you what you will do in the end :-)

If you return from your trip - please send me a feedback - I would be more than happy to hear how your trip was!

All the best for you and your girlfriend

Editor of

Part one of Island Hopping suggestions
by: Tobias

Hi there,

looks like we have some commonalities - my girlfriend and I are also in the mid 20s :-)
And we are in Zadar (also likely in August). For me personally - Zadar is definitely within
the top five coastal cities in Croatia! A beautiful city with lots of historical buildings,
delicious restaurants and of course, romantic sunsets. To make a long story short: Zadar
really has it all!

And as for your questions...puuuhhh, where should I begin? :-)

1) Which islands to visit from Zadar?
Pag island: you can actually visit this island via car or bus as it has a bridge to mainland.
Vir island: also connected via bridge to mainland.
Ugljan island: directly across from Zadar
Pasman island
Dugi Otok: this means "long island"
Molat island: note that this is a real "just nature" island - no hotels, just private accommodations. No mass-tourism!
Silba island: same fo Silba island.

One tip: if you are in Zadar, take one day with your girlfriend and visit Kornati National Park (the so called tears of the Adriatic - archipelago of more than 140 islands and isles.). You can book your trip near the harbor
bridge in Zadar. Just look out for posters with "Kornati trips" - just speak to the person right next to them (the sales
people) :-)

You will get a boat trip to the Kornati National Park, lunch and snacks for about 200 Kuna (around 30 Euros or 40 Dollars). The boat will stop at the salt-lake were you can rest about two hours, sunbask etc.

Those are the surrounding island (yes, really a lot, right?)

Ok, next question:

2) Can you travel between the islands?
In generel: Yes you can!
The national ferry carrier "Jadrolinija" shuttles between Zadar and the islands AND between the islands. One exception might be the very small islands like Molat and Silba. But, you can always rent a private "taxi boat"! Last year we asked a fisherman in Zadar if he could take a photo from us. We then talked a little bit and then he offered us to take us to Pasman island - for free! That was so funny, wasn't it?

Additional note: you can book your ferry trips in the office of "Jadrolinija " in Zadars' harbor. There you also get a time table for the ferries.

For the rest of my answer, please see my second part (I can only write 3000 characters per comment) -->

Island Hopping
by: Jane

Tobias has pretty well covered everything you asked and he is right, one week is very short to see it all - you will be back! There's an awful lot to do in Zadar too - two great clubs, the Arsenal and The Garden. Also the Sea Organ and Greeting To The Sun to see. There's good night life in Biograd a little further down the coast and Murter island (also connected to the mainland by road) is lovely too. Biograd is also a good place to rent a boat from and very close to Pasman.

If you want to do a little more research on the islands, could I humbly suggest you get a copy of our book the Croatia Cruising Companion ( Though it's aimed at sailors it's one of the very few books that covers all the Dalmatian Islands in depth (as far north as Zadar), onshore as well as at sea. That includes ferry services, restaurants, tourist offices etc. It's a snip on Amazon at the moment at £17.49!

Given you just have a week and probably won't be wanting to hire a car, it might be worth narrowing down the itinerary a little. The Kornati islands are spectacular but you can cover the best of that in a boat trip. The Telascica Nature Park on Dugi Otok is also worth a visit.

Tobias is also right about accomodation - you will have difficulty getting a good price on a room for less than 3 nights, so it might be worth settling on two bases and exploring by ferry or boat from there. See for some more highlights.

Have a great trip.

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