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...Korcula beaches has them all! Fine sand, secluded corners, crystal clear water, fantastic underwater universe and naturist freedom.

The picturesque coast will reveal you amazing scenery of dramatic bays with coves and slopes descending slowly to the sea, with lush olive groves and vineyards completing the superb surrounding.

Whether you're visiting the island of Korcula and you only wish to spend a few hours on the beach, whether you booked your whole holiday on Korcula island, its beaches will give you the opportunity to explore some of the loveliest pleasures in life:

Orebic beach from ferry.

Orebic beach - photographed from a ferry trip to Korcula town.

There are more than 17 beaches bordering the island of Korcula, offering endless options for you to find your own piece of paradise under the Adriatic sun.

The most popular Korcula beaches are, of course, the sandy ones, especially Vela Przina and Bilin Zal, located on the eastern coast of the island. Vela Przina is the largest sandy beach of Korcula, placed in a large bay and will show you beautiful vistas of open sea.

Bilin Zal is a smaller sandy beach, with lovely views over the Peljesac Peninsula. If you're looking for the Mediterranean classic "sun and sand", with nice traditional restaurants along the beach, overlooking the sea, I think you just found your spot!


Tip: Make sure you arrive early in the morning, as in high season these beaches get often extremely crowded.

Gorgeous for snorkling and diving...

The snorkeling and diving enthusiasts are welcomed in the bay of Pupnatska Luka with a gorgeous pebbled beach bordering the crystal water with colours changing from turquoise to the deepest blue you've ever seen!

Snorkling in the azure waters of the Adriatic.

Snorkling in the azure waters of the Adriatic.

The underwater world abounds with colorful fishes, starfishes and water plants, offering a great set-up for a superb diving! Swimming is great too in the area. A couple of traditional restaurants invite you for a traditional meal and for an ice-cold beer.

Do you like clothless beaches?

When it comes about freedom of expression, the Korcula beaches offer you two naturist spots - the Island of Prozid and Lenga. You will soon understand why Prozid is often called "the island of love" - the beautiful surrounding and the complete freedom invite everybody for romance!

The scenery is a real hit:

  • virgin nature,
  • crystal clean water,
  • shimmering pebbles,
  • and most of all – no pointed rocks!

This beach is very popular among tourists, although it has no facilities. Lenga is not entirely naturist - textiles can also be found here. If you wish to enjoy a nice swim and the complete naturist freedom, try the wild and virgin beach of Vaj, close to Lenga.

Whether you're looking for a nice sandy beach to work on your tan, or you wish try your hand on scuba diving, whether you're trying to find your own savage beach spot to enjoy the complete freedom under the Adriatic sun but in its turquoise waters too, Korcula beaches offers a bit of everything for everyone.

Add the romantic view of Korcula town, the lovely Croatian dishes and the amazing scenery surrounding you from everywhere, and you'll obtain the perfect recipe for a great Mediterranean holiday!

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