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...147 tears from heaven formed the Kornats...

Kornati National Park has a central location between Zadar and Sibenik, which is about 15 nautical miles from both destinations.

The park itself is quite extensive, covering 89 islands and islets, making up what is referred to as the Kornati Archipelago.

In total, the archipelago contains 147 cliffs, islets, and islands and is famous for being one of the most beautiful places on earth, often described by sailors visiting the region as "heaven on earth."

With that kind of endorsement, how could anyone not make a visit to this gem that Croatians proudly call their own?

Photo of some islands in the Kornati Archipelago

In fact, the popular Irish writer George Bernard Shaw once visited the Kornati Archipelago and described the area as one of the crowning achievements of God's green earth.

Again, the striking beauty and unique features of Kornati National Park make it a destination you must visit if you plan on coming to Croatia any time soon. It's not a place to miss.

Within the archipelago the largest island is called the Island of Kornat - for obvious reasons. As history has unfolded over the years, this particular island has taken on many different names, including Insula Sancte Marie, Stomorin Otok, Tarac, Tureta and Coronati.

Whatever you call the main island of the park, one thing's for certain - it is a gorgeous spot that will take your breath away every time you see it!

Kornati National Park is a nature park without any major historical buildings - that is not why you come here on a visit.

There are a few ancient Roman ruins and an old church, but mostly it's filled with the delicate delights of nature and all its splendor. If you want, don't forget to visit the Tureta Fortress, which dates back to the Byzantine Era of the 6th century.

Mainly, people come here for the excellent cycling, diving, hiking, kayaking, and rafting activities you can enjoy in the park. For the nature enthusiast and adventure traveller alike, you'll find that Kornati National Park has everything you want, and more.

Like most national parks in Croatia, Kornati has set up special rules you must follow to protect the wildlife and nature of the area from destruction and disturbance. Certain areas are under special protection and are subject to restrictions unless you are granted permission.

These areas include: islets Purara, Mrtenjak, Klobucar and Mali, and the reefs Klint and Volic and Veliki Obrucan.

Photo sailing in Kornati National Park

You can sail wherever you want in the park, except in the restricted areas already listed. The same goes for swimming and fishing, although if you want to fish in the islands and islets of the archipelago you must obtain a permit before you go. Permits for scuba diving and fishing are between 150 and 300 HRK per day.

Prices for boat entry into the park differ depending on the size of your boat and where you buy the tickets. The prices range between 120HRK for a 9 m vessel and 450 HRK for a vessel larger than 25 m. This applies to tickets that are bought outside of the park.

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