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Part I

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On my home page I told you I would show you my favorite waterfalls in Croatia.

Well, I picked over 40 of my best Krka national park photos and contained them into a three-part "photo story".

So, if you are looking for a nature experience with those fabulous waterfalls - Krka national park really would be a great choice.

It's a smaller national park - compared to Plitvice lakes for example but, that makes it ideally for a day-trip with the whole family.

View onto the Krka waterfalls.<br>You can see a small boat with a life guard on board.

To begin my "Krka travel story", these are the popular waterfalls. Visitors are allowed to swim in the Krka river, but only to a label which is where the boat is in the picture above. For your safety there is always a life guard in the boat.

Of course, there are a lot more waterfalls in the park, but they are smaller and you will see some of them on the following photos.

Me in front of my favorite waterfalls.

That's me in front of the Krka waterfalls. There's a wooden bridge over the Krka river so you have a great view onto the waterfalls...and you can take great pictures from here :-)

Zoomed photo of the waterfalls and the labeling for the protected area.

Zoomed photo of the waterfalls. This picture also shows the label of the protected area (you are not allowed to swim directly under the waterfalls).

Nice sideview onto the Krka waterfalls.

The wooden bridge offers great photo motives with different angels.<

View down the Krka river with two excursion boats.

The Krka river flows through the Krka valley. You can also reach the National park with excursion boats. Do you see the two boats in the picture above?

Wooden trails through the Krka national park.

As you can see on the photo above - there are wooden trails which guide you through the park... and keep your feet dry :-)

Staying on a bridge

My girlfriend and I with greenery and water everywhere in the background.

Krka river flowing through Krka valley.

View down the Krka river.

Side view onto the Krka waterfalls.

The main waterfalls from a trail right before you reach the wooden bridge.

Smaller waterfalls.

After you crossed the wooden bridge you can get to this area where you will find smaller waterfalls.

Trees and water flowing everywhere.

The water in the Krka national park is everywhere. The nature here somehow looks like jungle, doesn't it?

Smaller river and reeds.

One of those smaller rivers and green reeds.

Lot's of greenery and the Krka waterfalls in the background.

I took this picture from a higher point... but you will find dozens of possibilities to take pictures or have great views onto the waterfalls.

Krka waterfalls through pine trees.

View onto the waterfalls through those pine trees.

Smaller waterfall from the forest.

Smaller waterfall which seem to appear from nowhere.

Water basin right before the big Krka waterfalls.

Smaller water basin - the big waterfalls are just meters away (right side in the picture above).

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