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So, here are more Krka national park photos...

Krka river and smaller waterfalls

Continuation of these smaller waterfalls - up the Krka river...

Plenty of fish in the Krka national park.

You will see a lot of fish in the Krka national park, but please note that you are not allowed to fish :-)

Sideview onto waterfalls.

Side view onto one of those many smaller waterfalls...

Great view onto the large Krka waterfalls.

And again, the main waterfalls which you can see on many travel magazines and guide books.

Aerial view of the Krka waterfalls.

This is a photo of the area which you can find above the main waterfalls. Do you see the waterfalls on the right side? The water is really coming from everywhere.

Great photo spot with waterfalls in the background.

We found this location to be a fantastic photo spot as of the beautiful background scenery with waterfalls in the background.

Other perspective down the Krka river.

Same location, but this time with view down the Krka river...

Green reed in the Krka national park.

A lot of green reed...

Basin with fish.

Shimmering water with fish...


...I always take pictures of water and plants, maybe because I have a freshwater aquarium (one of my other hobbies :-) )

Water, greenery, more water and more greenery...

After a while you might think "where is all the water coming from?"...there are really huge amounts of water which seems to appear from nowhere!

Reed and water

Reed and water...

Beautiful nature wherever you look...

You will really find pure nature here!

Water flowing through some greenery.

Water always finds a way...

Water flowing slowly through these greenery.

This photo seems to be a little bit "quiter", doesn't it?

Beautiful waterfalls

I could jump in those waters right away :-)

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