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Photo of an old house at the Krka river.

In this picture you can see an old house right at the Krka river. What I also find is that the Krka river has this kind of "green water".

Closer view of a waterfall

You saw this photo in part two of this photo series, but this photo has a closer view onto this smaller waterfall.

Water basin right before the bigger waterfalls.

Again, this water basin but from a different perspective.

A house which belongs to the historic sites in the national park and aerial view of the water basin.

On the photo above you can see the area where we took the photos with the great background (right side of the photo). You can also see a house in the upper right corner which also belongs to the historic sites of the Krka national park.

Zoomed photo of a smaller waterfall.

A zoomed photo of a smaller waterfall which flows into the water basin...

Lake in the Krka national park.

The Krka national park also houses a few lakes...

Plenty of fish in the lakes of the Krka national park.

And of course, there are plenty of fish in those lakes...but again, you are not allowed to fish here :-)

Me and one of those lakes in the background.

Yes, that's me with a Krka lake in the background :-)

Some parts of this national park look like jungle...

It definitely looks like jungle...doesn't it?

Posing in front of the main waterfalls.

My girlfriend and I posing in front of the main Krka waterfalls...

Again, a photo of the Krka waterfalls.

And finally, the impressive waterfalls - once again.

I hope you liked this "photo story" about the Krka waterfalls and if you visit this national park, please don't hesitate to share your experiences here.

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