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Krka National Park is set amidst a quiet and tranquil part of Croatia, in the Sibenik region of the country.

This is a place where you can find some space to breathe and explore the varied and rich landscape!

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Croatia is blessed with the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, which still flow pristine and clear in this part of the Mediterranean.

Fewer crowds and less pollution have created a heavenly piece of land you will never tire of exploring...

Central Dalmatia is full of beautiful contrasts, most evident in the town of Sibenik and Krka National Park. Here nature has crafted limestone mountains out of the earth that tower over the islands dotting the Adriatic Sea.

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The lush greenery of this national park balances out the architecture and history of the local towns in the region. The ancient settlements on the coast have always remained serene escapes from the everyday rush of city life. But the park itself offers the greatest opportunity for escapism, offering the adventurous visitor freedom from the concrete and commercialism of city life.

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The summers are gorgeous at Krka National Park, as the central Dalmatian coast is subject to a warm climate with dry summers and cooling sea breezes from the Adriatic.

In the park itself the warmer temperatures are often tempered by the river and waterfalls, which neutralize the dry heat and provide a soothing balm to weary hikers. Winter brings mild and wet weather, although most of the park is closed during this season.

The landscape of Krka National Park is made up of karst environments, which form when carbon dioxide dissolves with water on carbonate rock (limestone). Over a period of thousands of years this ongoing process has created unique geomorphological features on the surface of the rocks through which the Krka river flows.

Explore the many intricate potholes and caves in the park, which make up part of the area's subterranean drainage system. Massive amounts of flora and fauna mark the territory, as do forests containing hornbeam, cypress, poplar, oak, and willow trees. Wildlife is everywhere, with more than 200 bird species, including golden eagles, calling the park home.

This park is representative of the coastal towns located in its midst - these peaceful settlements are comprised mostly of fishing villages full of boats and humble inhabitants. The park makes an excellent backdrop for these villages.

A beautiful National Park, Krka was established in 1985 and is situated along the Krka River. The river meanders through a limestone gorge at the center of the park dropping from 220m in only 50 km. Skradinski buk and Roski slap are the two main waterfalls in the park, the first with a drop of 46m.

A picture says more than a thousand words...

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