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This beautiful region in Croatia, aptly called Kvarner, means "quaternary" in Roman.

And, indeed, it is a place "where all four sides of the world meet as close as possible."

Five centuries of massive development of the Turkish empire in Central Europe resulted in a croissant-shaped country: Croatia.

Croatia is an archipelago made up of 1185 islands, which are grouped into regions. One such region is Kvarner, a region that is made up of two sub regions: the mainland area with Kvarner's largest city, Rijeka, as well as the islands Cres, Krk, Losinj, and Rab that dot the Gulf of Kvarner.

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This region offers a diverse climate and vegetation that connects a number of unique land and water forms, including islands, the mountains of Ucka and Velebit, the riviera of Rijeka, and the littorals of Vinodol and Velebit.

The major advantage of the geographic diversity of Kvarner is the broad range of tourist activities that it can offer:

  • One can simply enjoy the beaches in front of the villas and private houses.
  • You can also enjoy a camping trip up the mountain, especially in the designated camping grounds and vacation houses.

If you want to relax, you can delight in the cozy ambience of classy hotels and apartments in the city. Moreover, you can go on an adventurous skiing trip up Platak and the region of Gorski Kotar or visit the royal castles that dominate the islands of Krk and Vinodol.

Here you can enjoy natures' beautfy. You can see the beauty of the lakes, waterfalls, caves, springs, and woods. The diversity has also blessed the region with sumptuous gastronomic delights ranging from fish and seafood to chestnuts, wild fruits, and meat from game.

Like the rest of Croatia, Kvarner uses Kuna, an overvalued (1~$0.21) but stable currency. British sterling pounds, United States Dollars, and Euros can conveniently be changed in Croatia, although other countries' currencies may be exchanged too. However, to avoid traveling with huge cash, it is best for the traveler to bring along an ATM or cash card since machines are always available in several resorts, banks, supermarkets, airports, and elsewhere.

You do not need to worry about navigating through the complex Croatian-language menus as a choice of major foreign languages is provided on the machine menus.

One thing to consider, though, is the poor exchange rate in hotels... It would be better to deal with banks or the several "Bureaux de Change" found in nearly every town.

You can always go to a "Turisticki Ured", or tourist office, for assistance in finding accommodations.

Traveling in Kvarner - and Croatia, in general - is relatively safe. Well-disciplined Croatian police and army officers can be easily approached for assistance. For tourists not familiar with the Croatian language, it is best to approach the younger officers as they speak better English than their older counterparts.

Of course, communication media such as payphones and Internet cafes are available in the region. Mobile carriers T-Mobile and VIP can easily connect you to a mobile phone service. A wealth of television channels offers British and American programs, including CNN and BBC world. The tourist can also view a variety of localized versions of popular American and British programs such as Big Brother.

Traveling in and around the Kvarner can be fun and easy at the same time. Accommodations are available everywhere, and transportation is not a problem.

Peak season for tourists is around July and August, thus, accommodation rates are higher, but the range of activities designed for tourists is also varied.

Travelers are advised to plan their trip beforehand and compare the rates...

...to be able to get the best value for quality service.

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