Looking for a great beach resort in Croatia for four days

by Geetanjali Master
(New Delhi, India)

Dear Tobias,

We have read some of your comments and answer to queries and think they are wonderful insights of the places to visit and plan holidays.

In the second half of august we are planning to spend a week in slovania after which we are planning a four day holiday in croatia, possibly at a good beach resort.

Could you suggest what places we could go to.

We would like this to be a relaxed holiday around some of the better and sandy beaches.Could you send us information on which is the best sandy beach resort we can spend this time in.

Look forward to hearing from you.

kind regards


Answer from Croatia Travel Guide: Hi Geetanjali, thanks for your kind words and sorry for my late answer (I just returned from a two-week trip down the Croatian coast).

You won't have a problem finding a great beach resort. But it can be challanging to find a typical "sandy" beach (Croatia has a couple of sandy beaches but most are pebbly).

Two excellent resorts in Croatia

Since I don't know about your preferred destination in Croatia - here are a two suggestions:


1. Excelsior Hotel Dubrovnik

This resort is located in the South of Croatia right next to the city of Dubrovnik (the so called pearl of the Adriatic).

Excelsior Hotel is a high-end destination! Also, a hundred meters away from the resort is a very popular beach - the Banje beach. You have excellent views onto the old town of Dubrovnik.


2. Hotel Amfora Grand Beach Resort Hvar Island

Also a high end destination but it's located on the beautiful island of Hvar. Indeed, Hvar has a special flair and I personally rank Hvar within the top three spots in Croatia - it's really phenomenal!

The Amfora Grand Beach Resort has a private beach (plus a beach lounge) with crystal clear blue water (like everywhere in Croatia).


Please note that I need more information from you to provide specific tips.

Hope that helps!
Greeting to India!!

All the best,

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