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Lopud is an island located northwest of Dubrovnik, a member of the Elaphite islands. It is one of three inhabited islands of this group, with an area of more than four square kilometers.

The village within the island, also called Lopud, has a population of a little more than 200 people. The island's name came from the Roman word Lafota and is accessible from Dubrovnik through a regular ferry service.

There are numerous attractions located within the island that are worth visiting. The bay of Sunj is quite popular for bathing and swimming.

The white sand beach descends into the sea slowly, ensuring a safe area for the whole family to frolic in. Visitors can also rent sun-beds and umbrellas if they want to simply lounge under the warm sun and take in the scenic views of the sea and the horizon.

View of Lopud island from Sipan

Aerial view of Lopud island from Sipan

Visitors can also indulge in several water sports in the bay, such as

The area becomes alive with tourists during the summer season, with most of them arriving aboard private or rented sailing vessels.

The bay and the village returns to its normal, peaceful atmosphere for the rest of the year.

It is because of this seasonal influx of tourists that several cafes and restaurants were established on the bay area.

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Visitors can also take leisurely strolls along the streets of the village, where they can behold old buildings with Greek and Roman influences in style and architecture. There is also a park was once part of a villa built during the 19th century. Around the village are several lemon, orange, and olive groves that are worth exploring.

Vehicles Are Prohibited On Lopud Island

Automobiles are not allowed into the island. Those who want to explore Lopud have to walk or ride bicycles. Most locals and visitors often use the boulevard along the bay to get around from one part of the village to another.

Most of the village and the rest of the island are verdant with numerous trees and flowering plants. It is the ideal destination for those seeking to enjoy relative peace and isolation during their vacation, with the intention of enjoying nature to the fullest.

Lopud also features a Franciscan monastery that was constructed in the 15th century. Its church, dedicated to St. Mary of Spilica, houses several priceless religious artworks.

Visitors can explore the monastery's interiors and view some of the old paintings housed in the structure. The monastery's cloister and defense tower are also quite interesting highlights of the whole complex.

Monastery on Lopud island

Monastery on Lopud island

Throughout its settlement, a total of 24 churches have been built in the island, which used to function as a regional headquarter of the Republic of Dubrovnik. Visitors should also look out for the ruins of the administrator's palace, which is all that remains of the former administrative prominence of the island.

Near the bay of Sunj is a cemetery and the church of Our Lady of Sunj. The church is considered a cultural monument and is also a repository of several religious art pieces, including paintings. The island's highest point is Polacica, where the ruins of a castle can be found.

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