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If you like those beach-days with your friends and family as much as I do - visit the Makarska beach(es).

A summer vacation is never complete without a trip to the beach where one can just relax and lay under the sun for a beautiful body tan, participate in beach sports, or swim in warm waters, and eat by a bonfire on the shore.

Me on one of the most beautiful Makarska beaches (UNESCO blue flag)

That's me on this beautiful beach in Makarska...the mountains behind are really breathtaking!

Wonderful Makarska beach in the morning

It's a great beach to enjoy the day with family and friends, isn't it?

The most satisfying summer vacations are spent in the Makarska Riviera beaches in Croatia located along the Croatian coast. More specifically, Makarska is nestled in between St. Petar and the Osejavaian peninsula.

The Makarska beaches extend to about 60 kilometers of pebble and sandy beaches which include the Makarska Beach Resort, Brela Beach Resort, Tucepi Beach Resort, and Baska Voda Beach Resort.

Makarska is one of the peninsula's most popular vacation spots and has experienced considerably heavy traffic from neighboring islanders and tourists because of its beautiful beaches, warm but breezy climate and the spectacular view of the Biokovo mountain range and the azure seawaters.

...palm trees, cypresses and olive wood

The beauty of the Makarska beaches is undeniable and is one that will leave anyone awed. Apart from the view of the sea's waves shimmering under the heat of glorious sun rays and the towering mountains of the Biokovo and the feel of the smooth sand caressing one's toes and the soft kiss of the gentle breeze on one's cheeks, the beauty of Makarska is partly owing to the setup of nature itself.

The palm trees, the cypress, and olive wood that dot the shores of the numerous magnificent beaches.

Its charm entices and awakens each visitor's sense of adventure with its fusion of the Mediterranean and Karst.

Makarska beach riviera

Typical beach of Makarska riviera

Strewn along Makarska are numerous cafes and restaurants that cater to a variety of customers. Mornings at the beach are very pleasant with the aroma of hot coffee and breakfast mingling with the smell of the breeze coming from the sea.

First-time visitors are very appreciative of the peninsula's cuisine which is a fusion of Mediterranean and Dalmatian specialties. Fresh seafood dishes including lobster, crab, calamari, shrimp, and fish are favorites among both the locals and tourists.

Many of the restaurants scattered along these beaches also cater to health buffs with an assortment of fresh vegetable and herb salad entrees, roast or grilled lean meats, and natural fruit juices.

To fully experience Makarska, one has got to taste the mouth-watering "Makarakan" desserts which include two island specialties: the "Makarana cake" made of a mixture of almonds and liquor and the "Makaranian ravioli" which is a dry cake with sweet filling.

For anyone looking for an unforgettable summer getaway, the Makarska Beach is the perfect choice for friends, couples, and families. The island is easily accessible by car (via the Zagreb-Makarska highway), bus, plane (way of Split Airport), train (via Split railway) or ferry.

Just be sure to check for plane, ferry, and train departure schedules to avoid any inconvenience. With regard to board and lodging, there are numerous apartments and hotels nearby which are open for any number of visitors. There are also hundreds of villas and seaside cottages open for rental scattered along the Croatian islands.

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