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Makarska Croatia - in my eyes SO underrated...

Makarska is a city located along the Adriatic coast, within the Split-Dalmatia county of Croatia. It is also considered the center of the tourist area known as the Makarska Riviera.

The city also features several beautiful beaches, some of them frequented by nude bathers. The warm climate and the friendly atmosphere of the city ensure that Makarska is one of the most frequented tourist destination in the country.

Makarska Croatia bird view

Like most of the cities of Croatia, Makarska boasts of a rich culture and heritage. One of its most prominent landmarks is the Franciscan monastery that houses an extensive collection of seashells collected locally and from around the world.

Within the city, especially in its older parts, are old buildings and homes that are quite interesting to behold.

Nice Video Of Makarska Croatia (2:39 min)

Looming over the cityscape of Makarska is the mountain of Biokovo, which is designated as a nature park because of its ecological biodiversity.

A day trip to this area will also let visitors pass by some of the quaint villages located at the foot of the mountain. These villages also feature some interesting buildings that are examples of rustic rural architecture.

Visitors can also explore some of the fruit orchards and olive groves common in the area, to further gain an authentic rural experience in the area.

Myself in front of Makarska

That's me in front of Makarska. As you can see it's very green and has this special flair with the embedded historical buildings.

Makarska is also an ideal departure point...

...for those who wish to explore attractions in the surrounding areas. The nearby islands of Hvar, Brac, and Korcula are quite accessible by ferries and are ideal excursion destinations.

I really encourage you to head out to the city of Split, where the famous Diocletian Palace is located. I must confess that I'm a big fan of Split and I enjoy it every time I visit it.

This landmark is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in Croatia and is remarkably well-preserved since its construction during the Roman times. The palace complex is also where the ancient cathedral of St. Dujam is located.

Makarska Croatia is also a good starting point for those who wish to explore the city of Dubrovnik, where cultural attractions abound.

Among the highlights of the city include the Rector's Palace, the Cathedral vault, the Maritime and the Ethnographic Museums, as well as the Franciscan and Dominican Monasteries.

These attractions are all located within the Old Town of the city, also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

What About Sailing To A Near Island?

Another exciting option available to visitors staying in Makarska is to sail to the island of Brac, known for it's beautiful Zlatni rat beach (in the top five beache - year after year). The beach is a popular destination among surfers and swimmers.

The island also features several old religious structures - a small 15th-century church, a Dominican monastery, and the church St. Ivan and Teodor.


Brac island also bears interesting natural formations, such as numerous cavities, coves, and gullies that await anyone adventurous enough to explore them!

Afterwards, you could spend a relaxing afternoon white water rafting along the river Cetina. This is one way to have a memorable time with friends or family and ensure an enjoyable time :-)

Visit my favourite waterfalls...

One major outdoor destination that visitors from Makarska can head out to is the Krka National Park, which is valued for its scientific, educational, and recreational contribution to the country.

There are numerous hiking trails that visitors can follow that lead to several vantage points offering spectacular sights.

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