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Malinska Krk will surely be a pleasant stay as you will be welcomed by friendly hosts and town folks.

In Croatia, right at the western coast of Krk island lies the town of Malinska, the second most popular tourist attraction among the Croatian villages.

It has 19 smaller villages with a total population of 2,726 and is only 15 minutes drive from the airport of Rijeka. It is accessible by car through the Krk bridge. It has began to attract tourists in the end of the 19th century.

Located about more than 10 km north of Krk, Malinska is famous for the beautiful sandy beaches and rich vegetation. It is a place that can give you summer pleasures, plenty of sun, gentle breeze and blue sea. It is one of the biggest tourist destination with hotels and villas where you find good amenities.

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There are available private accommodations to find and campsites to enjoy. Rich in forests it is known to be the main exporter of timber. Along the municipality are swimming destinations popularly called "Rajski Put" with amenities for sports like mini golf, tennis, bowling alleys, boccie, equestrian and aquatic sports such as diving, sailing and fishing. It is a suitable biking destination.

It is also famed for their cultural activities, regattas and town festivals that gives entertainment attracting tourists. It is an experience to get a taste of the rich local culture.

Croatian seafood

It is also a place for gastronomic experience with home grown vegetables, local wine and seafood served in local restaurants. Malinska Krk is highly recommended to be included to tourist itineraries especially for the youth and those who enjoy camping and other outdoor activities.

Along the wooded coastline, Malinska has continuously attracted tourists for it's exuding tranquility and considered by many as a safe place for tourists. It has been known to be a refuge for stranded sea travelers until by word of mouth has become an ideal tourist destination.

The natural beauty of the landscape along the beach line plus the good sunny Mediterranean climate and the culture you find in the municipality expressed through the many monuments are just some of the things that bring in tourists.

People who loves the sea and the sunny weather will have a good time vacationing in Malinska Krk. Ok, who doesn't :-) In fact it is already known to have the best health resort.

Malinska Krk beach photo

Perfect to enjoy your vacation to the fullest - beach in Malinska Krk.

Their rich culture and traditions are the very factors contributing to its tourism popularity. Small town as it is, their folklore and the native costumes attract the many tourists.

Surrounded by sea, you get to experience fresh sea foods at their best and will satisfy your palate.

Justifiably, it is called "The Golden Island" more so for their famed resorts, rich cultural heritage and easy accessibility to the mainland enabling tourists to enjoy both worlds of the rural life and urban life at the same time. A good place to unwind the pressures of city life, Malinska is the right place to go.

"It's exuding charm can be infectious to bring you back again :-)"

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