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It's a fantastic holiday destination with more than 5000 km coast, with beautiful beaches and crystal clear blue water which shines in all variations of blue!

You'll see - there is so much to discover and this guide provides you with even more valuable travel tips (even though you've been to Croatia a couple of times).

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Croatia, Adriatic Sea and neighbors

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If you are interested in some figures - please read the short paragraph below. It's very compressed - you should get an overview over the most important figures ... you can get an expert later :-)

Location: Directly located at the Adriatic Sea with it's neighbors Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia. The mountainous Dalmatian coast are foothills from the Italian and Austrian Alps.

Typically for the coast are the countless towering islands parallel to mainland and rocky, cove-lined peninsulas.

Area 56538 square kilometers
Water 128 square kilometers
Country's frontiers 2197 kilometers
Length of coast 5790 kilometers

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