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The most fascinating and endearing aspect of the Mljet National Park is - besides all the recreational activities, the number of quiet, private areas dotted across the island that you can enjoy with your family, or as an individual.

Photo Mljet National Park location

Mljet National Park is located on the island of Mljet, which is a two-hour boat ride from Korcula island.

On the western part of the island, this secluded park is green, vibrant, and peaceful - a gorgeous gem on the Adriatic coast.

Two deep bays (referred to as lakes by the locals) with narrow passages to the sea are the significant features of the park. The two lakes are called Veliko and Malo Jezero (the Large Lake and the Small Lake.)

Surrounded by thick vegetation common in the Mediterranean, this island is a unique destination for the adventurous traveler.

Within the park a 12th century Benedictine monastery stands out among the natural features of the land, and is a favorite destination for those who come here.

Mljet is the subject of many legends & stories...

Because of its history going back thousands of years, the island is the subject of many legends and stories - it is even said that Mljet was the holiday spot for the Greek hero Ulysses.

If the park is good enough for the gods, it would be a shame if you missed out on the opportunity to visit :-)

Veliko Jezero covers about 1.5 square kilometers, while Malo Jezero is smaller, at only one-quarter of a kilometer. Natural saltwater lakes, these two bodies of water are worth a visit, although the salinity of the water is slightly lower than the surrounding sea water because of fresh water intake.

Photo Mljet National Park lakes

The water temperatures of the lakes are also generally higher than those in the open sea, by about 4 degrees. The lakes make great swimming holes - the biggest reason why people come here every year to enjoy the park. Imagine swimming in a saltwater reservoir in view of a magnificent island on the Adriatic Sea, bordered by old pine forest, breathing in the fresh air.

Like camping? Great! Otherwise stay in a hotel

In addition to swimming, Mljet National Park is the perfect destination for walking, hiking, and bike riding. Certain areas of the park are even accessible by car.

Just remember, before you visit any of Croatia's beautiful national parks, be sure to find out the park rules and know what you can and cannot do while visiting.

If you're not into camping, there is one hotel on Mljet catering to visitors who wish to stay on the island for longer than a day. Hotel Odisej is located at the heart of the park - built in the 80s, it provides comfortable accommodations and good food.

People who appreciate nature really enjoy this national park. It's also a great place for fun recreational activities, such as scuba diving in the clean blue waters of the two lakes, and the ocean.

In addition to the two main lakes, Saplunara Beach and Bay on the southeast part of the island is famous for its unusual shape and sandy beaches encircled by a pine tree forest.

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