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Molat island is an exclusive destination you should visit if you have a sense of adventure and want to see a part of Croatia most people never set their eyes on...

An island in north Dalmatia, Molat is the perfect destination for travelers who want to stray off the beaten path and explore some of the more remote locales in Croatia.

Photo Molat island location

This island is famous for the maquis and pine forests that cover the landscape - Molat is a beautiful and quiet place for calm reflection.

When you approach the island, the first thing that pops out is how green it is - there are trees and shrubs everywhere. Only one ferry line travels to Molat each day, connecting the island with Zadar.

This Croatian island offers sailors many bays!

Molat island also has hiking trails through lush Mediterranean vegetation with gorgeous views of the surrounding area.

When you arrive, you'll see that the island consists of several bays, often frequented by sailors.

Photo little bays, perfect for sailors

In the northern part of the Zadar archipelago, Molat is southeast of the island of Ist, separated by the Zapuntel strait. The area of the island is about 22 square kilometers, and the population is only 222.

You can recognize Molat by its two limestone ridges - the highest peak is the Knizak ridge at 142 meters. It's separated from the other ridge by the Zapuntel-Brgulje valley, also referred to as Zapuntel field. The southeastern part of the island is characterized by the Bay of Brgulje and Molat field, which is a smaller transversal valley.

In 1151 ownership of the island was in the hands of the Zadar Benedictine monastery of St. Krsevan - in 1409 it was ruled by Venice, and leased to noble families from Zadar. King Edward VIII, along with Wallis Simpson, came to this island in 1939 on his cruise of the Adriatic.

Have a look on the island via satellite

Larger view

Most of the island consists of young forests and underbrush. The low-lying northeastern coast contains little coves, the largest of which is called Jazi.

On the southwestern coast the land is very steep and stretches down to the sea - it contains fewer indented coves. Most of the people living on the island own farms, and carry out livestock breeding of sheep, and fishing.

Tourism is growing in popularity on the island - there are several villages to visit here, including Molat, Zapuntel, and Brgulje. These towns are located in the middle of the island, but each one has a pier on the coast.

Discover secret beaches and hidden bays ...perfect for swimming!

A quiet place to visit, Molat island offers the visitor calm and solitude that you don't get on the other, busier island retreats. The best part is, the island has several secret beaches you can discover, as well as hidden bays perfect for swimming. Most of the beaches are covered with a combination of pebbles, big rocks, and soft sand.

There are a few shops and restaurants on the island as well, if you want to have a relaxing meal amongst a natural setting, or purchase a few souvenirs.

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