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Murter island offers you dozens of beaches, natural beauty, and if you need it you won't have a problem to find a place or a beach for total privacy...

Somewhere near the Adriatic Sea is the small fishing village called Murter. The island is located between Sibenik and Zadar. There aren't a lot of major infrastructures that you can find here, but it's very rich with natural beauty and resources.

It is the largest and the oldest of all the islands that you can find in Croatia. It's also referred to as the capital of Kornati. Besides the many beaches, there are also plenty of archaeological ruins and heritage sites that are scattered all over the island.

Murter island aerial view

Aerial view over Murter island

For one, you can find the quaint town of Colentum. Its architecture still bears the influence of the Romans over the Croatians. You can also venture into the Gradina Hill, where you can find some more Roman historical remains as well as catch a good view of some portions of the island.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for age-old churches in Croatia, then most definitely, you should include Murter Island in your list of destinations. The Roman Catholic churches here date back to the seventeenth century.

There are several towns that compose Murter Island. For one, you have Betina, which is actually found in the Cape Arctic slopes. Because it's slightly elevated from the sea, the climate is temperate. The people, moreover, earn their living through building ships. The bell tower of St. Francis's Church is very visible in Betina.

Jezera could be the smallest among all towns, but it is one of the most beautiful. It is here where you can find a number of natural pools, with waters flowing straight from the valleys, especially during autumns and winters. A big portion of it turns to dry land in springtime and summer. Its nearness to a huge body of waters makes fishing the primary source of livelihood among its people.

It seems like you will never run out of beaches when you're in Murter

Murter island beach

Isle before Murter Island

The most famous of all is Slanica. The sands are very white, and the waters are very crystal clear. Moreover, because it's very near to hotels and camping sites, this becomes the most accessible beach among tourists.

On the other hand, Kosirina Beach is almost undeveloped. There aren't plenty of camping and beach facilities that you can find in the area. It also has bare essential, such as electricity and a kiosk where you can prepare your own food, if you like to take your meal here.

Murter island Kosirina beach

Kosirina beach with sail boats

Nevertheless, for those who want to obtain privacy, this beach is the most ideal one. There is hardly a huge crowd that visits here. A good portion of the beach is made up of sand, though there are still quite a number of rocks too.

Tisno is a little village that combines the island and mainland feel of Croatia. If you're facing the sea, you can see the look of the most beautiful bay you can ever see. You will also find Jazine, which is one of the most well-developed beaches in Croatia.

There are shops, cafes, volley court, camping areas, bars, and open showers. You can also explore the mainland Tisno, where you can tour yourself among the narrow streets and into the old houses made of stone.

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