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Naturism in Croatia is a trend that is rapidly growing in popularity...

There is more to naturism than the word 'naked'. In fact, in the real sense of the term, naturism is defined as being one and harmonious with nature and communal nudity and respect for each other are just characterizations of this oneness.

This trend of thought is identified to originate from and first promoted in Germany. However, the present times has seen a lot of people getting curious and eventually practicing this type of activity during special points in their lives, such as during vacations.

Croatia is a country that boasts of a long history with naturism. Though officially recognized to have its beginnings in the island of Rab during the first half of the 20th century, the concept of being one with nature is certainly not a new to its citizens, who practiced it time immemorial.

Naturism in Croatia - canvas chairs

Blessed with numerous unspoiled natural resources, Mother Nature has certainly deeply influenced the way of lives of Croatians long before any term has been applied to the concept.

To this end, Croatia is considered the first European country to establish commercial naturist resorts and destinations.

Naturism In Croatia: Where To Look?

There are certainly a lot of naturist facilities to choose from in Croatia, ranging from

  • those in beaches,
  • camps,
  • bungalow villages,
  • and even hotels.

Enthusiasts should look for resorts and facilities with the FKK designation, which stands for "Freikoerperkultur", a German term for free body culture.

Most of these resorts are found along the Croatian coast, where visitors are free to shed their clothing and enjoy the sand and the sea in all their naked splendor.

Naturism in Croatia - nude woman at beach

Those who wish to stay in the hinterlands have the option of going to naturist camps scattered all over the country, where spectacular scenic views are considered added bonus to this exhilarating experience.


In fact, these naturism destinations have contributed largely to the promotion of Croatian tourism all over Europe and the rest of the world.

Naturism In Croatia: Other Hot Spots

Nudist beach sign

In the Dalmatian region, visitors have the option of going to the naturist beaches of Zadar, Sibenik, Split, and even in Dubrovnik. The region of Istria also has a lot to offer to naturism enthusiasts.

It is in this region that visitors have the choice of enjoying the clear sparkling sea or stay in one of the beautiful naturist camps in the hinterland. Included in the Istrian destinations are the towns of Funtana, Medulin, Rovinj, Umag, Vrsar, and the city of Porec.

In the Kvarner bay and the Highlands, visitors also have the choice of going to naturist beaches or camps, or both, if desired. Unspoiled sceneries and ample opportunities to enjoy nature await those who come to explore these parts of the country.


Naturism enthusiasts would do best to come to Croatia during the summer season, when it is warm enough to say outdoors the whole day and even the whole night!

Though some resorts may require membership before you gain entrance and use of their facilities, there are also lots of naturism resorts who welcome those who come strolling in without prior notice.

Most beaches of the country also have areas reserved for those who wish to bathe and lounge in nude.

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