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In my opinion, Njivice Krk has all the right elements for a perfect vacation spot...

Before, Njivice was just a little fishermen's village, but presently, it has become a very popular tourist spot and meeting place for different visitors from various countries, especially European ones.

Njivice was initially mentioned in Prince Ivan Frankopan's deed of gift during the year 1474. Nevertheless, some historians and archaeological findings have suggested that Njivice is older than that.

During the previous centuries, Njivice was just a little village in the isle of Krk. People from the place were basically involved in olive growing, stock breeding, wood logging, and also in fishing trade. During the year 1930, two hotels named Dinka and Luka (presently called Jadran) were constructed and is now acclaimed as the source of the initiation of Njivice's tourism.

The endearing beaches, breathtaking blue sea, abundant shades and shadows, along with a climate that's mild and a number of excellent accommodations give Njivice Krk all the right tools to attract different tourists all over the world. With all of these necessary qualities that a place rather needs to gain popularity, Njivice has become one of the most famous tourist spots in Croatia.

The town is situated in a wide bay that has been in a perimeter composed of gardens and forests. The ever-exceptional blue sea that's clear, along with the clean beaches, abundance of shade and the mildness of the climate, and friendly hosts are an assurance of a vacation that is worthwhile for any tourist.

Map of Njivice, Krk island (satellite view)

Larger view

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Njivice is geographically located on Krk Island's northwest coast. It is also almost situated in the middle of Omisalj and Malinska. Njivice is placed in a location on a vast secured bay of Belikamik. The place offers such a serene atmosphere that lures different people from different places.

The mixture of the wonderful beauty of nature and the placid effect of the whole place incorporate a very effective gesture of an excellent tourism experience.

Aside from nature and the places situated in Nvijice, there is also one element in Nvijice that captures tourists: the hospitality of the people. The complementing quality of the place and the people makes Njivice a very effective place for pleasure, relaxation, and satisfaction.

Very nice video from Njivice (4:15 min.)

As one would surf the Internet and look for Njivice, one can see the consistent positive reviews regarding the accommodations in the place. The wondrous beauty of the place can be seen in remarkable pictures all over the Internet.

The desirable pictures of the place are factors that could bring out enthusiasm and interest among first-time tourists who decide to forego with visiting and spending time in Njivice.

For travelers who are not first-timers, this place has become one of the most visited in Croatia. It serves as a meeting center for different tourists especially with European nationalities. People can't blame their crave for a wonderful place that arguably has all the right elements that constitute a perfect getaway destination.

"The sea, the sky, and the people - indeed, Njivice Krk has the right tools to sweep traveler off their feet and make them want some more."

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