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My selection of Novi Vinodolski photos:

Aerial view of Novi Vinodolski with the deep blue Adriatic.

Novi Vinodolski and the deep blue Adriatic. Most people visit this Croatian town when traveling down the coast.

There's an isle right in the bay of Novi Vinodolski.

There's this little isle right before the town. For the good swimmers of you - from the beach to the isle and back :-)

Closer view onto the coast with greenery and houses with fantastic views over the ocean.

A closer look onto Novi Vinodolski...

Most houses of Novi Vinodolski are located on a hill.

The town streches up the hill (great views when you have a house or an apartment there).

Fantastic view over the Adriatic.

Aerial view...

From Novi Vinodolski you will have a fantastic view onto Krk island.

You have a wonderful view onto Krk island!

Hills of Krk island with the typical brown color.

Steep hills of Krk island.

Zoomed photo of Krk islands' hills.

Closer look onto Krk island.

The Adriatic and Krk island.

Again, Adriatic and Krk island...

Zoomed photo of a fishing boat in the bay of Novi Vinodolski.

Fishing boat between Novi Vinodolski and Krk island.

View onto a coastal town of Krk island.

Coastal town of Krk island.

Waterfront houses of Novi Vinodolski.

Waterfront houses...

Here are most of the habitants - at the hills.

Houses on the hill with fantastic views over the Adriatic and Krk island.

Charming coastline.

For me this is a charming town with great restaurants and Caf├ęs.

View onto Novi Vinodolski with greenery and great blue colors of the Adriatic.

Some greenery, Novi Vinodolski and the blue Adriatic!

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