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Come to Olib island if you are looking for a relaxing and stress free holiday...

In the eastern coastline of the Adriatic Sea that stretches all the way to the Mediterranean, lies the Balkan peninsula where a collection of islands is located.

For one who is bent on island hopping, an adventure, site-seeing, or just a summer or holiday vacation to enjoy with friends and family, Croatia is a place that you just can't pass up.

It lies adjacent to the Adriatic Sea and is easily accessible to ferries.

A lot of tourists and travelers from nearby countries and overseas have been drawn to the islands of Croatia because of its heritage. The richness in culture of the islands of Croatia is overwhelming.

Moreover, the beaches, national parks, mountain ranges, and other ancient architectural wonders scattered all throughout Croatia have experienced heavy tourist traffic.

If you plan on traveling to Croatia any time soon, say this summer, there's a small island that you can visit called Olib which is located in the Zadar archipelago just east of the island of Silba and southwest of the island of Pag.

It's the most viable and convenient destination to choose as it sits in the middle of other islands such as the island of Pag in the northeast, the island of Silba in the west, the island of Maun in the east, and the island of Ist and Molat in the south, which you may also want to visit.

Getting to the island is actually easy via ferry.

From the mainland, you can take a ferry to Zadar which will only take about two hours. You may check for ferry schedules to avoid any inconvenience.

A wide reader would have probably heard of the town from 10th century archives in which the island is registered as Aloep Island. Like the rest of Croatian cities and towns, Olib is a relic of Roman history. It was, in fact, occupied by the Romans sometime in the 10th century.

It was actually only in the late fifteenth century when Croatians inhabited the city upon fleeing persecution by the Ottoman Empire and established communities there.

The rich history that the island nurtures is awe-inspiring such that people from all over the region and world would come back from time to time to the town.

Monumental relics such as the Parish Church Assumption of Mary, which houses some beautiful Galgothic codices, the Kastel Tower, a fortification meant to keep looting pirates at bay, and the Ruins of Sv. Paval Church and the 5 other churches scattered around the island are places that one should visit while touring the town.

Photo of an olive tree on Olib island

For someone with a healthy appetite, the island offers a variety of Croatian, Dalmatian, and Mediterranean dishes. The island is prosperous and popular for its production of the best bottles of wine and cheese.

Local specialties are very appetizing as one will not miss the hint of olive oil and olives in the dishes because apart from wine and cheese, Olib also is known for the best olive oil and olives.

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