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Used to be called Abbazia, Opatija Croatia shines all year round-from summer to winter...

Not only is it blessed with one of the best views of the Adriatic Sea, but there are also other gorgeous works of art and architectural designs that make up the city.

Majority of them holds the influence of Rome and the rest of Europe. And with a number of festivals, art exhibits, and concerts to boot, the place just never runs out of visitors.

Opatija satellite view

Larger view

A walk around Opatija can definitely bring you to Sv. Javok Park. It is a huge plaza, spanning more than 3 hectares. It's mainly composed of several floral species, most of them grown naturally in Croatia. This is the best place to be if you want to see some greens, or if you just like to feast your eyes with the bounties of nature.

Besides, you have more than 50 fields to cover when you're here, so you will surely have something to do the entire day.

Opatija Croatia aerial view

Opatija Croatia aerial view

The Juraj Matija Sporer is a space for art exhibits. In here, you can find various pieces of art works of budding Croatian artists and veterans, who wish to sell their paintings and sculptures to both locals and tourists. They may also hold art exhibits for the sake of self-expression or to further encourage the people to practice art in their lives. It's been known that Croatians also put great emphasis on arts, in addition to their culture and love of sports and food.

One of the oldest baroque churches in Opatija, meanwhile, is the St. Javok's Church. It was built sometime in the 1400s. Besides the magnificent church, you can also find the cloister and the monastery, where Benedictine abbots used to spend their time.

Today, along with the age-old church and monastery is the bell tower that is purely made of stone.

Nice video of Opatija (5:13 min.)

If you're looking for an accommodation in Opatija, you may want to give Hotel Imperial Opatija a try.

It's actually the second one that is established here, whose sole purpose is to provide accommodation for those who aren't about to secure one in Kvarner, the nearby and booming area.

Today, Hotel Imperial is one of the busiest, because there are more and more people who visit Croatia every year. It also helps that it's just very near St. Jakov Church. You can also find in the hotel the sculpture of Selena and Helios, created by Hans Rathautsky in 1889.

You also have Lungomare, which is actually a promenade that is found near the sea. It is very long, spanning 12 kilometers, and it was built in different phases.

There are not a lot of things that you can do here, though if you want to remember some good memories, or if you want to catch up on the sunset and sunrise, you should head here.

Getting to Opatija Croatia is never a problem. The bustling port can always accommodate your chartered boat or yacht. You can also ride a ferry, which has daily schedules from neighboring islands.

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