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Here at the Paklenica National Park you can discover breath-taking canyons and mountain scenery...

Some doubt if there ever is a paradise on earth where everything in nature just seem to blend in harmonious majesty.

Imagine towering mountains rich with flora and fauna overlooking a stretch of calm sea, the feel of a summer breeze, the sight of the horizon, the smell of the earth and trees, and the sound of humming birds.

Photo Paklenica National Park location

It doesn't seem possible that all of these could exist or still exist in a world where skyscrapers and factories overpower the wonders of nature but it does which is why thousands have flocked not just from nearby regions but from overseas to catch sight of the majesty of Paklenica National Park.

Just east of the Adriatic coastline and located in the southeastern portion of the Velebit Mountains, the park was proclaimed in 1949 as Croatia's second national park.

Lots of tourists, especially hikers, fancy this tourist spot in all of Croatia for its collection of caves totaling 70 and its two gigantic canyons namely: Mala and Velika Paklenica.

Hiking trails are abundant in the many slopes of the mountain range, the most popular being the ones in the Velika Paklenica Canyon. Bikers can also tour the mountainside using these trails. Guided bird watching is offered in the park as well.

Watch a video of the park to get a first impression (3:36 min.)

The park is rich with history and culture which every vacationer seems to delight in. A preview of the park's many treasures is available at the Presentation center which offers an exhibition of what the park has to offer.

The mountain ranges alone are a testament to the ancient geological wonders of the Neolithic period with its gorgeous display of rocks, stalactites, and minerals inside the many caves.

The park houses the riches diversity in flora and fauna in the region including an estimate of 800 species of flora including sandwort and bellflower, and numerous species of animals in 20 different habitats. Beyond the park is also a thick forest for adventures rich in black pine trees.

From on top of the mountain, one can see the inviting waves of the sea and the glittering sands of the beaches just below.

The beaches are very accessible such that hiking the mountain, and swimming at the beach are the people's general activities that can be done in a day. One can even swim in the park's numerous creeks and watermills.

How To Get There?

Paklenica National Park can easily be reached by car or bus through Stairgrad which is only a couple of kilometers away from Zadar. Most tourists get lodging at the hotels in Stairgrad including Hotel Vicko, Hotel Alan, and Hotel Rajna.

Meanwhile, die-hard trekkers, bikers, and hikers will find convenient board and lodging in the park's mountain lodge.

It is no wonder that people have always come to revisit the Paklenica National Park when visiting Croatia.

Not only is it a haven for nature-lovers, another adventure for trekkers, and a vacation spot for families, but a place where one can relieve one's self from the stress and worries of the world. A paradise on earth, indeed.

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