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Located in the middle of a snorkeling paradise, Paklina beach is a great spot to explore your diving passion and still to catch some sun in one of the most beautiful and popular naturist beaches of Brac Island.

If you're looking for the nude beach areas on Brac Island, they are all located on the western side of the world famous beach of “Zlatni Rat” (Golden Horn).

You can easily reach Paklina from Bol city, by taking the passenger ferry or take a nice 30 minutes walk along the beautiful coast, inspiring the pine-scented fresh air - only 200 meters separates Paklina from Zlatni Rat.

View onto an area of the Paklina beach which is the naturist part at the famous Zlatni Rat beach.

View from the cliffs onto the Zlatni Rat beach.
The beach is actually a part of the Zlatni Rat beach - this is simply the naturist area.

Paklina beach is naturist but there are textiles too.


Tip: If you want to find your private place to catch maximum of the Adriatic sun, keep on walking to the west, where the pebbles are smaller and rocky coves create a beautiful setup of which you can be the king for a day. Green olive groves, fig trees and vineyards border the savage seascape.

View from Zlatni Rat beach onto offending Paklina beach.

This is the view from the Zlatni Rat beach onto the offending Paklina naturist beach.
The azure water is beautiful, isn't it?

Paklina beach offers something also for the activity enthusiasts - you can try your hand on water sports, put on your snorkeling mask or explore deeper the Adriatic underwater wonderland with a superb diving sessions.

If you're holidaying in August, don't miss the annual Extreme Sports Festival - you'll witness some great moments when "sky runners" start their journey from sea level at Zlatni Rat right up to the 2,560 summit of Vidova Gora, or the 'Free Diving' competition - scuba diving without the aid of an oxygen tank.

Again, view from the peak of the Zlatni Rat beach onto the Paklina beach.

View from the peak onto the beach.

This lovely beach is part of the extended properties of a traditional Croatian family. Whenever you feel like taking a nice meal or sip an ice-cold local beer, head to Konoma Tomic farm, with a rustic restaurant where you can enjoy the warm Croatian hospitality.

You can even buy some ecologic products made in-house: olive oil, prosseco (sweet wine), or choose some vegetables freshly handpicked from the family garden.

Me on the Zlatni Rat beach.

Me at the Zlatni Rat beach.
You can see a small area of the naturist beach in the upper right corner of the photo.

Don't expect a lot from Paklina, but for some of us the tranquil setting, the sun, the crystal clear sea and the complete privacy of this beach is simply the best idea of a relaxing getaway.

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