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A charming coastal town in Croatia. How could I better share my impressions with you than with some of my best photos of Primosten?

Great view onto Primosten, in my opinion one of the most pictorial cities in Croatia!

To start with - here you see the popular coastal town Primosten. I took this picture from the coast road. I bet that many of you have already seen this beautiful town in a travel magazine or so. It's very well known! ...and, as you can see - this picture is also the header of my website. I love this town :-)

That's me - Primosten in the background.

That's me in front of the town. And yes, this is the same picture as it is on my home page (scroll down to around half of the page).

Closer view onto Primosten with the deep blue Adriatic around.

Like a pearl in the deep blue Adriatic...

Nice fountain - this is a great control point because you can find a great 
(and cheap) parking lot here!

If you arrive by car then this fountain may interest you. Leave the coast road to Primosten - then you come to this fountain AND behind this fountain, you will find a very good (and cheap) parking lot.

Please take my advice seriously, because you won't have much possibilities to park your car here. Take this parking lot and you can reach the town and the beach within 2-3 minutes by foot.

That's the parking lot - my car - and a fabulous view onto Primosten.

My girlfriend and my car. You can see Primosten in the background.

...By the way, where else do you get a great (and cheap) parking lot with such a beautiful view?

Another photo I took from the parking lot.

View onto the town from parking lot.

Closer view onto Primosten with nice Croatian houses.

Here you can see the typical steeple - the highest point.

Right besides the town you can find a nice bay.

Beautiful bay with an isle.

Sailship and a Croatian isle.

Such isles are typical for the part between Zadar and Split.

Promenade of Primosten with Cafés and souvenir shops.

You will find a nice promenade with Cafes and some restaurants. Of course, you have a fantastic view onto the beach, the Adriatic and the town.

The beach and Primosten.

Pebbly beach - just a few steps from Primosten.

That's me on the parking lot - Primosten in the background.

That's me again - enjoying the view :-)

View onto the beach from a Café on the promenade.

Café and the beach of Primosten behind.

There is a nudist beach (clothless Croatian beach) right behind these rocks.

If you are looking for a nudist beach (also see my naturism article) - check out the area behind those rocks ... :-)

Promenade of Primosten with a souvenir shop.

Promenade with souvenir shops.

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