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Here are even more photos of Primosten. Enjoy it!

Let's begin part two of my photo series about Primosten with the BEACH :-)

Beautiful beach of Primosten

This picture shows the beach of Primosten.

Beach and houses of Primosten

View from the beach to some houses of Primosten.

Primosten beach photo

There are some pine trees right next to the beach which offer some shadow on hot summer days.

Pebbly beach

Pebbly beach with a small wave coming in. Actually, there is also some sand as you can see here in the lower right corner.

Crystal clear blue water of the Adriatic

I would jump into the water right now ... and I bet you too, right? :-) All these different blue colors of the Adriatic - fantastic!

Monument before Primosten

You will find this monument right before the city gate.

The Croatian coastline with sail boats

View along the Croatian coastline (southern of Primosten) with lots of sea gulls in the water.

Marina of Primosten

If you come with a boat - this is the Marina.

Photo city gate Primosten

The city gate, built in the typical way: stone.

Stone houses of Primosten

Walk through the city gate and you will see some beautiful stone houses.

Catamaran sailing away

Many people with boats visit Primosten. I like to see all those beautiful boats - here a catamaran.

Catamaran and view to isles before this coastal town

I find this coastal town soooooo charming. Catamaran is sailing towards those isles in front of the town.

Narrow streets of Primosten

That is typcial for the old Croatian cities. Narrow alleys which create an atmosphere of previous centuries.

Alley of Primosten

Here you won't find hectic pace... Clocks are really slower here :-)

Alley with grapes above

Grapes above the alley.

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