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I hope you enjoyed the previous photos of Primosten :-)
Ready for more great pictures? Let's begin with the highest point of the town with a beautiful church.

View over the bay of Primosten to the opposing peninsula with a hotel.

This is the view to the opposing peninsula with a hotel and sports facilities. Both embedded in pine trees.

From the highest point of Primosten (church), you have a great view over the Adriatic.

From here you have a breathtaking view over the town, the Adriatic and the Croatian coastline.

Gate to the church in Primosten.

This is the entrance to the church at the highest peak of Primosten.

Primosten's steeple.

Here you can see the steeple which is typical for the town.

Side view of the steeple and the church.

Different view to the steeple and the entrance.

Door to the church.

Entrance to the church.

Me sitting on the steps of the church.

That's me sitting at the steps right in front of the entrance.

Photo of the walls (the church is build with natural stones).

I like the construction of the Croatian churches. Do you see the different stones which is built up on? Great, isn't it?

Greenery besides the church with benches.

You can find some greenery and benches right beside the church. Some relaxing minutes here can't be wrong :-)

Again, walls of the church with natural stones.

View onto the church from such a bench.

Another view of this great croatian church.

Again, view along the church...

Total view with the steeple in the background.

Total view with the steeple behind.

In Primosten you can find a fantastic panorama restaurant.

If you are hungry and want a fantastic view at the same time - here is a panorama restaurant. I bet you'll love it :-)

View through the gate.

View through the gate onto the hills with houses (mainland/coast).

Photo through trees onto an isle which is located in the bay of Primosten.

You always find a nice view - here onto a little isle.

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