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Yes, I have even more photos of Primosten for you :-)...

This photo shows houses of Primosten (view from the church of Primosten)

Houses of Primosten on the coastal part (not on the peninsula).

Zoomed photo of a second marina.

Marina of Primosten from above.

Studying a map of Primosten which you can get for free at the tourist office right besides the fountain (see part I).

Studying a map of Primosten. You get those maps at the tourist office which is located right beside the fountain which I showed you at part I of my Primosten photo series.

From here you will have a breathtaking view over the Adriatic and some isles.

View over the deep blue Adriatic...

Some houses, bay of Primosten, isle and the Adriatic.

Isle, opposing peninsula and some house...

Some houses again, palm tree and a hotel complex with great sport facilities.

Closer view onto the opposing peninsula with a hotel.

Again, great view over the ocean.

At the bottom of the picture you can see a roof ... the owner must have a breathtaking view from his living room...

Zoomed photo of sailboats and an isle right before Primosten.

Isle and sailboats...

Me and the isle in Primostens' bay.

Me and an isle.

Me again, enjoying the fantastic view along the Croatian coastline.

Me again, this time enjoying the spectacular view.

Wherever you look at the coastline, you will find an island most of the time (Croatia has more than 1100 islands!).

Zoomed photo with a near island.

Roof of a house, palm tree and the spectacular view.

Similar photo again - you see that I love this view :-)

Primosten has many fantastic locations for houses.

Deep blue Adriatic with sailbot and some greenery.

Aerial view of the peninsula with the hotel.

Aerial view again...

View down to the Adriatic.

As my last picture of part IV - fantastic view over the Adriatic!

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