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These photos of Primosten show you even more great spots!

Primosten is like a magnet for sailors. This photo shows a nice sailship which is sailing towards the bay.

Saiboat coming along ...

My girlfriend and I with a fantastic background.

My girlfriend and I before the fantastic Croatian landscape.

A typical alley of Primosten. I love all those natural stones.

Stone is everywhere here - you see that Primosten really is a historical town (as most Croatian cities). Those narrow alleys are typical and in my eyes very charming!

Another alley in Primosten.

Same alley ...

Restaurant Joso - my tip for great Croatian cuisine.

Restaurant Joso. You won't have problems in finding a great restaurant with fantastic Croatian food!

You won't have a problem finding a nice souvenir from Primosten.

Want to buy a souvenir? You plenty of articles to choose from. My tip? You can take a miniature of Primosten (lower right corner of the picture).

Good choice of souvenirs in a showcase.

...even more souvenirs.

The city gate of Primosten - me in front.

Me in front of the city gate.

View onto anchoring sailships (through palm trees).

Sailboats through palm trees.

Park right before Primostens' city gate.

Around 50 meters before you come to the city gate - you can also find a beautiful small park with lots of greenery and benches.

Benches in the park of Primosten.

These are some of the benches...

Parking lot before the city gate.

The city gate and some parking lots which are reserved.

Monument before the city gate.

The monument you saw in a previous picture.

View onto those nice Caf├ęs near the marina.

Cafes at the marina. Come here and you will find a nice Cafe, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the time with your loved ones. Those Cafes are a great place to taste this kind of "Mediterranean-feeling".

Total view of the marina and houses of Primosten.

Sea gulls, boats and Primosten behind.

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