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Let's have look at the last part of my photos of Primsoten series...

If you arrive in Primosten via sailboat, you will find a top marina.

Marina of Primosten with sailboats.

That's a photo of me with Primosten in the background.

Me in front of the town. This picture also shows that the marina is just meters away from Cafes.

In the center of the photo you can see a couple of Cafes which are right besides the marina.

Leave the marina and you are right inside Primosten with all it's historical flair.

Fruit- and vegetable market of Primosten.

Like everywhere in Croatia - Primosten has it's own fruit- and vegetable market. (I have a separat article for the Croatian food).

Anchoring sailboats and houses of Primosten.

Similar photo with sea gulls, some motor yachts and you can see the steeple of the church at the highest point of Primosten.

Sailboat leaving the marina of Primosten.

We took this picture while sitting in a Cafe - sailboat is leaving the marina.

Again, photo of the town with sailboats before.

you know that scenery...

The city gate is right behind those palm trees on the right side of the photo.

Here you can see some palm trees. On the right side there is the city gate.

Zoomed photo of those Caf├ęs. of my favorite views...

You will find a park right before the city gate. Have a seat, relax and enjoy a few moments here.

View onto the town from the park.

Street towards the city gate of Primosten. Please note that there are no cars allowed (except for locals).

Street towards Primosten. Please note that you have to turn here as cars are forbidden in the city (just locals and businesses are allowed).

That's it - my photo series of Primosten. I hope you enjoyed it and wish you all the best!

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