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Because of it's location - Senj is a great stop when you travel from Istria to Dalmatia or vice versa...

Here are some photos of Senj I took from a mountain right behind this nice coastal town.

Birdview of Senj

This is a wonderful view onto Senj. To reach that point with your car you need to drive up the serpentines (something around 30 minutes).

Larger View

And this is a map of the area around Senj. Feel free to switch between satellite view, normal map-view or zoom in...(nice feature of Google maps).

Croatian coastline with Krk island

See how close Krk island is?

Senj and Krk island

Aerial view from a great point above Senj. This picture also shows a contrast. See karst Krk island and the green coast? I like that. The scenery is also diversified :-)

Ruin on top of the mountain behind Senj

You can find a ruin right on top of the serpentines.

Me with a beautiful scenery in the background

...yes, that's me on top of the mountain :-)

Aerial view with the coast, Krk and Prvic

Green coast with hills, the Adriatic, the southern peak of Krk island (right) and a piece of the island "Prvic" (left).

View onto Krk island from above

Frontal view again...

Croatian coastline from above with the coastal town Senj

I love the deep blue Adriatic and the different blue colored sky!

Croatian islands and mountains

Two main colors: green and blue...

Croatian mountains and islands - Krk island and Prvic

Hilly coast with lots of greenery.

Prvic island

Northern part of Prvic island.

Closer look onto Prvic island

Cliffy Prvic island - nicely imbedded into the blue Adriatic.

Krk island - Baska is located there

Peak of Krk island (the beautiful town Baska with it's nice beach is right behind the first hill).

Krk island with the bay to Baska

Same view like the previous picture - only farther back.

Passage between these Croatian islands

Passage between Krk island and Prvic isle.

Prvic island, the Adriatic and hills of the Croatian coastline

This is an aerial view again with Prvic isle. All in all, the Croatian coastline is something I will visit again and again. It's so beautiful!

Me again on top of the mountain

Me again - with a fantastic scenery in the background!

"I really hope you like my pictures and I wish you
all the best for your trip to Croatia!"

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