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Welcome to my photos of Trogir series. You will see why it's no wonder that this town is one of the six Unesco World Heritage Sites in Croatia!

Me on a wall of Trogirs` famous Kamerlengo Fortress

To begin with this photo series about Trogir... that's me on the Kamerlengo Fortress which you can visit for 15 Kunas (2 EUR, $3) per person. From here you have a breathtaking view over Trogir, the Adriatic and the Croatian coastline.

Steeple of Trogir

You will find many beautiful steeples in the town. On the picture you can also see that there are mountains right behind Trogir. And what's also typical for the town is its' greenery, especially the palm trees (my favorite tree).

Aerial view of Trogir (from Ciovo island)

I took this picture of the Town from Ciovo island which is reachable from Trogir via a bridge. If you arrive by car it can be difficult to find a parking lot - especially during peak season. An easy solution is to drive over the bridge and try to find a parking lot on Ciovo island. Most of these parking lot's are free and you have just 3-5 minutes to the old town of Trogir.

Bridge which connects Trogir and Ciovo island

That's a closer look of the bridge which connects Trogir with Ciovo island.

Old town of Trogir photographed from the bridge

From the bridge you will have a wonderful view onto the old town of Trogir and the famous promenade.

Beautiful historical buildings of Trogir

Here you see some houses of the old town of Trogir. Right before you will find dozens of Cafes and restaurants.

People on the promenade of Trogir

First taste of the promenade with lots of palm trees and in the background you can see the Kamerlengo Fortress.

Ships at the promenade of Trogir

You can always see great boats right at the promenade...

Parking lots on Ciovo island right next to the water

I also took this picture from the bridge I showed you above. You can see the car lots along the water (right side). And best of all, those car lots are totally free :-)

A beautiful historical building

I love all those historical buildings. It makes a great atmosphere!

Gate to the old town of Trogir with the UNESCO sign above

This photo shows one of the gates to the old town. See the UNESCO sign above the gate?

Promenade of Trogir with Cafes

This is the promenade of Trogir. Palm trees, boats and Cafes - wonderful, isn't it?

Marina at Ciovo island

From the promenade you can see a great Marina of Ciovo island.

Tower of the Kamerlengo Fortress

This is a tower of the Kamerlengo Fortress. You can see more photos of the fortress in part II of my "photos of Trogir series".

Kamerlengo Fortress with some cars and a palm tree

...fortress with palm tree again.

"I hope you enjoyed part one of my Photos Of Trogir series.
There are a lot more to see!"

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