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Photos of Trogir with the promenade, the Kamerlengo Fortress, a beautiful yacht...but see for yourself :-)

Historical building in Trogir with palm trees in front

The promenade of Trogir is beautiful! There are so many fantastic buildings of the old town and the palm trees are everywhere in the town.

Aircraft flying over Trogir

From time to time you will see an aircraft flying over the town. Trogir has it's own airport which makes the town very accessible.

A church of Trogir

One of the many churches in Trogir.

One of the many steeples in Trogir

Steeple with palm trees.

Café at the promenade

You won't have problems in finding a nice Cafe. Historical bildings behind - the Adriatic with nice boats in front... what do you need else? :-)

People walking along the promenade of Trogir

If you walk along the promenade you can't fail the Kamerlengo Fortress (which is a great site to visit in Trogir).

Alley through the old town of Trogir

Alley through the old town...

Alley with steeple in the background

...another alley with a steeple in the background.

Another steeple with beautiful palm trees in the front

There are stone houses everywhere as well the steeples and palm trees. It's really a very nice atmosphere in the town. I just can encourage you to take some time and find it out for yourself.

The front of the popular Kamerlengo Fortress of Trogir

That's the front side of the Kamerlengo Fortress. Unfortunately there are advertisement on the walls.

Beverly motor yacht (Benetti)

There are always luxury motor yachts at the promenade. This boat has the name "Beverly". It's a Benetti yacht - very nice, isn't it? I bet most of the people think "who's boat is that? It's bigger than my house...!?" :-)

Beautiful motor yacht, the promenade with palm trees and the Kamerlengo Fortress

The people on the boats have a fantastic view onto the Kamerlengo Fortress... they have comfort of enjoying the view from their living room - boat living room or whatever it is called... :-)

People at the promenade watching the luxury motor yacht

People enjoying the atmosphere and flair of Trogir.

View to the bridge which connects Trogir and Ciovo island

View to the other side where the bridge to Ciovo island is located.

Sailboat at the marina in Ciovo island

As I said before - you can see the Marina of Ciovo island which is opposing to Trogir. Here you will always see a lot of sailboats which spend a view days in Trogir and then keep on sailing along the Croatian coastline.

"Enjoy your time in this beautiful, hostorical town.
Have a cup of coffee in one of the many Cafes at the promenade. Relax. Breathe. Have fun!"

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