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Ready for more photos of Trogir? OK, let's resume our virtual visit through this beautiful and historical city...

Café, steeple and palm trees of Trogir

What about a "tasty cappuccino" in such a Cafe? It's a wonderful feeling under those scenic palm trees!

Nice bridge behind the old town of Trogir

If you walk to the end of the old town of Trogir (don't worry, it just takes 5 minutes or so), you will come to this beautiful bridge which is also a desirable photo motive.

Photo of me and the bridge behind

Yes, we also took the chance and made a picture with this nice bridge behind :-)

Fishing boats and the bridge

This picture shows a couple of fishing boats before the bridge.

A tower of the Kamerlengo Fortress

Sidewalk towards a tower of the Kamerlengo Fortress. By the way, on the tower you can find a nice panorama restaurant.

Street with palm trees towards the Kamerlengo Fortress

Street towards the Kamerlengo Fortress.

Me in front of the Kamerlengo Fortress

The Kamerlengo Fortress - me in front :-) As I said it before, unfortunately there are some advertisements on the fortress.

Castle walls and a tower

Walls and tower of the fortress.

Parking lot before the fortress and the entrance

If you want to visit the Kamerlengo Fortress (highly recommended!), there is a parking lot and behind you will find the entrance.

Entrance to the Kamerlengo Fortress

That's the entrance. Inside you will find a guy sitting at a table - here you'll get your entrance-ticket which cost 15 Kuna (around 2 EUR, $3).

View onto the many steeples of Trogir and the castle walls

View from upstairs...

Me sitting on the castle wall

Puuuuuuhhhhh! need a break :-)
Picture of me sitting on the castle wall.

View onto a tower with a panorama restaurant

From here you can see tower which you saw previously with the panorama restaurant (see the sunshades and tables?).

Sailboats cruising around the bay of Trogir

You are not even on top of the fortress. Nevertheless, you have a fantastic view over the Adriatic and all those boats crusing around.

Narrow way to the top of the fortress

Let's get on top of the Kamerlengo Fortress!
Yes, it's very narrow ... but the view alone will be worth your effort :-)

"What do you think about the city? Great, isn't it? :-)"

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