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Photos of Trogir ... from above! Yes, here you can see my photos from top of the Kamerlengo Fortress!

View over Trogir from

Do you think we are on top now? ... Nope. That's something like the second floor. We have to take some more (and narrow) steps.

Some stairs to the top of the fortress

See the sunshine? That's the top of the fortress.

Fantastic view over the old town of Trogir

And that's the earnings of you "climbing" :-)
A wonderful view over the old town of Trogir, the promenade, the Adriatic, the bridge which connects Trogir and Ciovo island and you can even see mountains in the background! I absolutely love this view...and I bet you too!

View onto Ciovo island

You also have a great view onto the opposing Ciovo island with it's marina.

Promenade of Trogir from above

Of course, you have a fantastic view onto the promenade of Trogir.

View over the old town with steeples

The old town of Trogir with steeples.

Marina of Ciovo island

A very popular marina of sailors - Ciovo island.

Sailboats in the Ciovo island marina

Sailboats in the Marina.

Castle walls and the old town

Castle walls in the front and the old town behind.

Bridge to Ciovo island

Closer view onto the bridge between Trogir and Ciovo island.

Steeples in the old town of Trogir

Two scenic steeples...

Another steeple

Another beautiful steeple with houses around and hills in the background.

Palm trees and people

Scenic palm trees and visitors walking along. Here you'll also find some souvenirs...

Photo of the promenade again

Aerial view again...

Motor yacht and sailboats

Motor yacht and sailboats in the marina of Ciovo island.

"I hope you enjoyed these photos!"

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