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Photos of Trogir - my last part of this photo series.

Hills behind Trogir

Beside the great view over Trogir, you can also see hills right behind the town. Those hills are typical for the Croatian coast.

Tower with a panorama restaurant

Here you can see the panorama restaurant on top of a tower even better (not always open).

Beautiful view onto the promenade of Trogir

View onto the promenade of Trogir - this time from a lower perspective.

Me while exploring the Kamerlengo Fortress

That's me while we walked around the fortress.

Motor yacht cruising towards the marina

A motor yacht is cruising towards the marina in Ciovo island (just around 50 m from Trogir).

Taxi boat in Trogir

Like everywhere along the Croatian coast - you can also rent a taxi boat in Trogir.

Me standing at the promenade of Trogir

Me again. This time right on the promenade of Trogir (with a shopping bag... we found some cool accessoires for our apartment).

Historical building of Trogir

Historical building of the old town of Trogir.

Gate to the old town of Trogir (Unesco)

Gate to the old town with the UNESCO sign above. Trogir is one of the six Unesco World Heritage Sites in Croatia.

Excursions fishing boat

Here you can also participate on a trip with a fishing excursions boat. You can be sure to find great possibilities for fishing in Croatia.

Excursions fishing boat again

Different angle of the "EXCURSIONS FISHING" boat.

Motor scooters

Some nicely placed motor scooters before a historical building.

Historical buildings and steeple

You will find quite a lot of shops with just anything in the stone buildings.

Me with Trogir in the background

Photo of myself right besides the bridge - Trogir in the background.

View onto Trogir from bridge

To close this photo series about Croatia, here is a picture I took from the bridge. Bye bye Trogir. See you next season! :-)

"That's it - my photo series about Trogir. I hope you liked
the pictures and I wish you all the best!"

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