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Thank You Tobias
by: Adriana Cevalos

Thanks for your insightful advice. I will follow your recommendation, and share it with my other friends who are also traveling to Italy/Croatia for this wedding. We'll be there end of June/early July so we're hitting peak season.

I truly appreciate your immediate and well thought out response. It absolutely helps me a lot.

By the way, I work for the Discovery Channel; I have seen many documentaries about Croatia and that is one of the reasons I want to explore this beautiful country. Plus, your pics and your comments are amazing. I am so excited just navigating through your site.

Best of luck and thanks a million !

If you ever want to visit the US, let me know. My husband and I split our time between Newport Beach (Orange County) and Hollywood (Los Angeles) California !

Happy Holidays !

Wish you a wonderful vacation
by: Tobias

My pleasure, Adriana!

If you and your husband or your friends have any other questions regarding your Croatia trip, just comment here or ask a new question (I'll automatically be notified).

As for your travel time - I think the end of June / early July is perfect. The weather in June really adds to the "mediterranean" flair and the top spots aren't too crowded yet. Most holidays in Europe start something around mid of July to the beginning of August. So, the right travel time forms a great basis for an even better vacation, right? :-)

I forgot to mention one really pictorial and charming coastal town. It's called Primosten and you can see this town in the websites' top image. It's just an hour norht of Split. For a couple of more information copy this URL into your browser:

Wow - you are working for Discovery Channel? I love it! Your documentations are really outstanding.

And also thanks for the hint about the United States. I am very happy to say that I was able to see some states - including California. I was there with my parents in 1996. We had a camper-van for two weeks and will always
remember this vacation (especially the beautiful Venice beach). Absolutely fantastic! I definitely want to visit California again - when time is might have some "local LA tips" for me :-)


I wish you and your husband plus all your friends a fantastic wedding in Florence and a wonderful week in Croatia - enjoy it!

All the best and greetings to California!

PS: If you return from your trip to the US and have a couple of minutes I would love to hear about your Croatia travel experiences!

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